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What do i have?

Since yesterday I started to feel body ache and my face was burning as if I had a fever, that stopped and now I have diarrhea and lots of gas, I cant stop burping and the burping is quite strong. My diarrhea is now completely liquid. I feel a pressure in my chest, even more when I sit or bend over. Sometimes my neck, head, back and trapezii hurt. Right now I have a strong pain in the left trapezius and feel a discomfort or pressure in my chest. Sometimes my heart beats fast. I feel uncomfortable sitting or bending over or even laying down on my bed. One day before this I ate a lot of snacks and treats and greasy foods.Could it be an infection or bacteria or virus? Maybe food poisoning? Right now I'm sitting and my gas and chest pain have calmed down a bit but I still feel a pressure in my chest. Sometimes i get a really bad urge to go to the bathroom. I have been taking chamomile and baking soda with lemonade. What do you recommend that I eat or drink? Do you recommend that i lay down or sit down to rest? What is it that i have?
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We can't diagnose you.  How long has the pain been ongoing? It may be that the greasy foods don't agree with you. Chest pain can be a cause for concern. If it continues, getting checked out would be a good idea.
Antacids and antidiarrheals can ease the stomach upset and gas pain, and are available over the counter in drug stores. Make sure you drink enough fluids to replace what you are loosing if the diarrhea continues. Gatorade and pedialyte can help replace lost electrolytes.
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