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What do these symptoms add up to?

- strong smelling, cloudy urine for about a full month now
- sudden strong urge to urinate
- weird smell coming from inside of nose sometimes for about a month and half
- REALLY bad body odor  *I don't even sweat a lot*
(I wear mitchum deodorant, baby powder, and good hygiene habits, and fairly normal diet)
- use to have panic attacks but they went away and I haven't had one in like a month and half
- don't have much time for exercise, so sedentary lifestyle
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The strong smelling, cloudy urine and sudden strong urge to urinate, indicate a watework infection.  This can be anywhere from the kidneyes right down to the urethra.  

Make an appointment as soon as possible to see the doctor and take a sample of your urine.

A really bad body odor can be caused by what you eat (for example garlic), or if you are not emptying your bowels regularly.

As you do not exercise and have a sedentary lifestyle it sounds like your bowels are not regular.  A 15 minute walk every day as well as eating a healthy and balance diet with plenty of fruit and veg and plenty of water 2-3 litres is usually the recommended norm) should help.

If you are still having problems with regular bowels movements you may need to take something to help you go to the loo (not laxatives).

Having a cloudy urine is nevery a good sign.  And if it smells of kidneys or liver that definitely is a kidney infection that you have, even possibility of kidney stones.

Get it examined asap.

Best wishes.
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I have actually been diagnosed as glucose intolerant a couple of years ago.  I have the classic symptoms of a big belly.  I used to have a big butt, but the belly has now taken over.  This began after the menopause and yes since the menopause I have become very obese.  I still go for walks and swimming, but this difficult at times because of severe arthiritic problems.  

Have been experiencing kidney infections on average one a month when I have to take antibiotics.  I did have a kidney stone surgically removed at the age of 39.  

My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and has oral medications to take as well as insulin by injection.  He is now able to control his diabetes.

Even though I have been diagnosed as glucose intolerant, and do not have diabetes, I was told by a neurologist to control my diabetes (I don't have it) because he said that I have peripheral nerve damage.

I find it very difficult to lose weight.
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Yeah, wouldn't want to do that taste test!  Apparently, observant doctors used to diagnose diabetes in men by noticing little sugar crystals on the shoes (from the guys not aiming so well).

Obesity is actually a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, not a symptom.  As you said, people with not enough insulin or who are insulin resistant can't properly transfer sugar in the blood to the cells where it is needed.  The body has to use fatty acids instead for fuel, so it actually burns the fat it has to keep going.  Unchecked, this can lead to ketoacidosis as the ketones released by lipolysis (fat burning) for fuel turn the blood acidic (although full blown ketoacidosis is rare in type 2, since there is some insulin floating around).  The ketogenic diet (lots of fat, regular protein, very low carb) exploits the same mechanism, but at a much lower level that doesn't turn the blood acidic.  

Sorry, the section of bio class that dealt with cell signalling used diabetes as a model to help us understand.  And I just spent some time reading wikipedia articles on diabetes because, well, I'm just that nerdy.
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The taste-test sounds gross!  I have had the doctor actually smell my urine, and I thought that was bad enough.  I don't mind smelling my own urine though.

You can also gain a lot of weight (especially around the belly area) with diabetes or glucose intolerance.  Basically the energy isn't able to get to the cells to be utilised because the body becomes insulin resistent.  This in turn leads to weight gain.

Insulin converts the sugars in our blood stream to energy to be supplied to every cell in our bodies.  

This form of diabetes is Type 2.
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Untreated diabetes gives you sugary urine (the old school test was for the doctor to taste-test it).  You also drink and pee LOTS (polydipsia and polyuria).  It also causes weight loss eventually if you don't have enough insulin to get your food to your cells.

I agree with jemma that you should get checked for a UTI.  A burning sensation while peeing can also indicate a UTI.  Since you don't mention a fever, it's *probably* not as high up as the kidneys.

I don't know about the body odor (unless maybe you've been eating extra garlic or something) or panic attacks.  You should ask your doctor.
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You might want to get checked for diabetes.  
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