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What doctor should I see?

Should I visit an Immunologist, internIst, infectious disease specialist? I am really not sure which doctor I should go to. How do I get a referral to see any of the doctors I listed? What doctor should I go to for my problems? Here is a list of the symptoms I have been experiencing for almost four months:

-eye pain, floaters, blurred vision
-white, swollen tongue
-sore muscles
-joint pain
-Burning sensations
-itchy skin
-bumps on back of tongue
-bumps by vagina
-weight loss
-shortness of breath
-back pain
-stomach pain
-loss of appetite
-hearing sometimes goes in and out
-post nasal drip

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Hello, sorry you are not feeling well. You should start with a good primary care doctor who specializes in internal medicine or family practice. They can start with a history and physical followed by some lab work. Your primary care doctor would then refer you to see specialists.
I would love to see a primary care doctor, but I do not have the money for the copay. I really need to see a regular doctor, but I do not know what to do.
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Can anyone please tell me how I can get to a regular doctor without money for a copay?
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So, you are pregnant.  Some of that should be checked out by your ob/gyn and in fact . . . ob/gyn's are doctors.  You can ask them about these things at your visit.  Do you do visits to the ob every month?  And they will increase as you get further along to twice a month and then weekly.  If you are in the United States and are a legal adult, age 18 or older, if you are indigent without insurance and do not make an income sufficient to support yourself and baby, you can also apply for aid.  I'd do it before the baby!  
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