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What does it mean when you have heat coursing through body?

This has been happening every now and then for a couple months. I’ve been calling them episodes. What happens is I sort of get this deja vu feeling or just a odd memory almost like my brain stops for a few seconds. And then right after that heat courses through my body. It feels like the heat flows through my veins starting at my upper body then flowing down my arms and legs. I know when an episode is about to happen because my brain starts feeling foggy with the deja vu/ odd memory
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"heat coursing through body"
Hi, possibly that could be vasodilation, caused by biochemicals being released into the bloodstream. What with being initiated by the brain, we'd call that neurogenic vasodilation. Like flushing from being embarrassed, except yours seems to be in the muscle instead of skin.

"my brain starts feeling foggy"
Lack of oxygen? Does your pulse start to race to compensate?
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If you are having momentary lack of oxygen or blood-flow, or fuel (hypoglycemia), then that'd be something to look into.
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