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What infection or condition causes these symptoms?

I have had a chronic sore throat with a lot of clear and green phlegm. I do not have a stuffy nose and do not have a cough. I have a globus feeling in my throat behind my tongue especially and a post nasal drip. One of my tonsils is naturally large and has little white spots like strep but I don't have strep or mono. Yesterday my nose randomly poured blood for a few seconds then stopped. The blood was bright red not dark. I am extremely fatigued all the time but randomly get bursts of energy then super tired again. I usually get 8 or more hours of sleep but still tired. I had right upper rib cage pain and got my gallbladder ultrasounded. They found nothing and the extreme pain went away. I have random stabbing pains in random places. I get tingling in my hands and feet for no reason. I also get small bruises on my legs for no reason that I know of. I also have small dime to quarter size white spots on one arm where I have lost skin pigment, this came a month or two after being sick. I am weak and drop things a lot but other times in fine. I got a blood test done and my wbc is 4.3 and my tsh was 2.6. So my doc thinks my blood and thyroid are okay. Everything on my blood test was normal. I stopped smoking 2 years ago. So that may be the cause. I also take the depo provera birth control shot which made me gain 30 pounds super fast. I eat relatively healthy. I eat lean meats, Vegetables, whole grain bread, and Fruits. I do eat junk food maybe once every weak or two. I do drink alvohol occasionally. I am diagnosed with depression but I'm not medicated because I can manage it fine for now. I am a 21 year old female and weigh 175 pound and am 5'6. Most of my weight is around the abdominal area. I have been sick for 5 months now.
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If you have green substances you have an infection, etiology unknown. It is quite possible to die from these infections if they go on long enough, even though you are relatively young.  You need an in-person evaluation by a competent  physician as of yesterday. From what you say your primary care doctor has not been paying a lot of attention to you.
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Sorry to hear for that, me and you have same symtoms, its wird but im still undiagnosed im going next week for some scans and other tests.. Talk to youre doctor...
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