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What is Lumbago

I received a notice from my painmanagement doctor that I have lumbabo.
I have severe lower backpain in the left buttock and severe pain in both kneesI am ina scooter because of spinal stenosis at the present time.   Is is because I abuse the scooter by overuse ?  
I want a simple straight answer,please
Thank you
Sister Michael Mary Kean
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It would probably be better for you to either talk to your doctor,  or just simply google "lumbago" than it would be for us on this forum to describe it to you.  

Best wishes in your quest for answers.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Lumbago is basically low back ache due to spinal or muscle problems namely spondylitis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc diseases etc.
There is pain in the lower back along with pain along one or both legs depending on which nerve is getting pinched.
Any misuse of back or overuse by any procedure can worsen the symptoms. Treatment is correction of the cause. You have to discuss the best treatment option with a neurologist, which can range from medication to physiotherapy to traction, lumbar belts, lumbar corsets or even surgery. Take care!
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Thank you for your straight-forward answer.   I think I have a long road ahead .  
I appreciate your answer.
God bless you.
Sister Michael Mary
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Riding on a scooter is going to make matters worse. The suspensions on scooters are not comparable to those of automobiles. Essentially you have nerves that are "pinched" where the exit the spaces beween the lumbar vertabra. Usually this is due to denegeration of the disc. You need to have an MRI of the lumbar region and get an appointment to receive instructions from a physical rehab specialist on exercises. While not complicated, you have to have them demonstrated to you in person. Sometimes they help. Sometimes they don't.
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I appreciate your sincere concern.  I do admit I overuse the scooter.
I have a walker that I'm going to use to go to and fron meals (a thre orfour minute distance each way)   I have a visit with my pain mgmt doctor on Friday and will ask if I need an MRI.  Quite a while ago she mentioned 'exercises'  but neither of us mentioned it since.  I think that's a wise thing to do at this visit.

Thank you and God bless you. I mean that sincerely.
Sister Michael Mary
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The exercises are extremely important and non-intuitive. They must be taught in-person by a physical rehabilitation specialist. The specialist demonstrates the exercise and you follow through. There are seven or eight exercises that will reduce the inflammation, and you can expect to have from five to a dozen sessions, until you learn them. The MRI is usually necessary to determine if you would benefit from these exercises or if they would cause further damage. In most cases the exercises are worthwhile.

The pain can be relieved by a TENS electrical device. These are relatively inexpensive. Consult your physician. Sometimes a transdermal lidocaine patch (worn no more than 12 hours a day) will relieve the pain.
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Dear Caregiver,222, I think it wise to go with the tens.   It was mentioned
by a friend yesterday.  I have written down questions to discuss with my doctor and I will add that to the list. I am definitly going with the exercises which will be taught to me because my Doctor runs a phys ed unit also.   Why I'm not in that class is a good question. Thank you for your time and expertise.
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