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What is causing kidney pain when tests/images are normal?

About 6 months ago, I started feeling a little run down. I mentioned it to my dr and he dismissed it as stress. I went back to his office a few weeks later as fatigue had gotten worse. He ran some tests but everything looked normal.  However I was feeling more and more tired and depressed. Then I stared having general joint pain, but especially in my groin and hip area. I went to a different doctor who noticed that my blood pressure was up (139/109). I know that doesn't sound that high, but I have ALWAYS been 120/80 or lower, my whole life.  Since that time I've had my bp come back all over the place, sometimes high sometimes more normal, 123/93 etc.  Then I started having really bad insomnia. I can go to sleep just fine, I just wake up between 2-4am every morning and can't go back to sleep.  Then came the anxiety attacks, where I would freak out (tears, wheezing, hyperventilating) for no reason.  I had several Drs confirm that I was tachycardic (resting pulse over 100) but that nothing was wrong with my heart other than it was beating faster than normal.  Then I started having flank pain, bad enough I suspected kidney stones. I've had 4 sets of blood work done: everything came back normal (CBC, adrenal/kidney/liver/heart function and enzymes good). I've had multiple EKGs, an echocardiogram, a CT...all came back showing "nothing acute". Thus past week I experienced severe chest pain and while all my blood work looked normal, a chest X-ray did show enough inflammation in my chest that I was diagnosed with pericarditis (which is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced!!!) The dr told me he thought the pericarditis was caused by a viral infection, but I've been super healthy (besides all the above symptoms- those are chronic illness-like, not viral-like) and all the blood work over the past few weeks suggests no infection.  What are we missing? Dr has no idea where to go from here. I'm so exhausted I can barely go to work, but I still wake up at 3am everyday, and my back/flank hurts all the time.  Does this sound like an autoimmune issue?
I have a history of severe endometriosis, which has been removed via laser excision, so I guess it could be back, however this doesn't "feel" like endo. I also have severe scar tissue, including retroperitoneal fibrosis due to the endo. Could that be causing this??
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