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What is causing my abdominal pain?

For the last three months I’ve been dealing with pain throughout my digestive tract. I went to see a GI doctor and they had me do a GERD and colonoscopy and found nothing. They told me that I have post infectious IBS and to try the FOMAPS diet which I tried with no results. I’ve tried every form of over the counter medication and diet change that I could think of. Eventually I was able to figure out my pain was dependent on my body position. If I sleep on my side or stomach the pain will move to the high point in my abdominal area like a gas. If I sleep on my back with my head elevated I can mostly prevent any pain. I still burp and pass gas more than a normal amount during the day. If I even lie down or invert my body in any way I can feel the uncomfortableness almost immediately start to build. I’m a 26 year old male. Although I’ve managed to deal with this, it’s been long enough where I feel it may never just go away on its own. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello~It sounds like you may have a hiatal hernia, I say this because you mentioned that you got some relief by shifting your body and having the head elevated helped. Your other symptoms sure to point in the direction of a Hiatal hernia as well. You should you were checked for GERD and had a colonoscopy, did they check for a hiatal hernia? If they haven't, I sure would ask about it.
I should have mentioned that I’ve had a CT scan done of my whole abdominal area as well. They would have been able to tell from that right?
Yes, it should detect one.
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Hi there, I’m female, 26 also. I got almost same problem. Last December I got reflux twice so I decided to have check up as I thought I have heart problem because of chest pain and very strong pulse. ECG and Utz done both normal. I took medication for reflux, but I got this abdominal discomfort (on and off) most of the time mild to severe (I still dont know the trigger) I mentioned it on my doctor, he said it wasnt normal but he didn’t see any problem as I have normal utz next week will be my follow up check up. I’m really stress on this feeling on my stomach.
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