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What is causing such terrible itching on my breasts?

For a year, I’ve had intense itching on both of my breasts (the entire area). It’s so bad that I wake myself up at night clawing and scratching them. This problem is worse at night, when I take a shower, and when I exercise/sweat. I have no itching anywhere else. A dermatologist I saw said there was no rash or sign to tell her anything and prescribed a steroid cream that did not help. I went to a breast specialist who couldn’t find anything wrong and had two mammograms that showed nothing of concern. I’ve used Lotrimin for 3 weeks with no improvement. I’ve changed lotions/detergents/everything, but the problem continues. I’m 34, in great health, and have a good fitness regimen. I am scratching to the point that my skin is bleeding. I don’t take any medications, and don’t have a rash or redness. The dermatologist said sometimes they just can’t figure out what’s causing these things and people just have to live like this, but I just don’t know how that’s acceptable. Someone please help.
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Why was there no rash when you saw the dermatologist, if it is such a problem? You say it is more pronounced at night but is that just because you are trying to sleep so you notice it more then? I have something that feels like an insect intermittently biting my skin in different spots most of the time but is usually quite mild although a few times daily I get a very sharp one, so I have learned to ignore it when trying to sleep. My problem is it requires a touch to end it so it interferes with attempts to be motionless trying to get to sleep, so I have some idea what it must be like for you trying to deal with an itch in the night.  
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I went to a dermatologist because the itching was so bad, but she said because there was no rash or anything visible, she couldn’t determine what was causing it. I think she was looking for typical ailments like eczema and psoriasis that tend to produce rashes or redness, but I don’t have anything like that, so it’s still a big question mark. And yes, I think I notice it more at night because that’s when I take a shower, and I will say that water or any wetness makes the itching much worse, however, they are itchy almost all the time, over the entire area of both breasts. No chance of pregnancy for me either.
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