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What is this pain in my abdominal and how can I help it?

Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I’m a 27 year old female , very fit, blood pressure normal (slightly raises when I’m anxious but still normal and healthy apparently) oxygen levels 100% and BPM anywhere between 45 beats per minute when resting and 75 beats per minute when a bit more stressed anxious (I do suffer from quite severe anxiety and ocd). I have stopped weight training as much but I used to weight train a lot and lift fairly heavy for a female of my size 172cm 60kg. I would bench 25-30kg and deadlift around 40-60kg. About 2 summers ago I felt an upper abdominal muscle strain / tear when I was doing a 5kg weighted ab exercise, i didn’t think much of it and I ignored it, I can’t remember if I did go to the doctors or much but I don’t remember it causing me too much hassle. anyway it’s 2 years on and I keep getting on and off stomach pain, first it started where I ‘strained’ my upper abdominal (on the left side) but recently it’s started to radiate anywhere from between under my left rib, to the centre and then to under the right rib. It mainly stays in the centre however right near my sternum but as I said it radiates and currently it feels as if it is where my liver is located. The pain / dull ache / pressure is worse when I project my voice in class (I am a teacher) and also worsens when driving and sometimes taking deep breaths. I can feel it sometimes when I lay on my side to sleep - it feels as if something is weak / dislodged. When I lay down flat on my back I can feel a weird dipping feeling right at the top of my abdomen / lower chest when breathing in, it almost has a ripping sensation but not quite. Anyway I’ve been to the doctors, first I went in November where they gave me an ultrasound and said there was nothing abnormal going on, they told me if the pain continued then I need to go back to the doctor and get different kind of scans or something- anyway by this point the pain had gone. When the pain first came on in November it was made worse by walking / laughing/ talking and seemed to stay around my left upper abdominal. The pain / pressure / ache now radiates and laughing doesn’t seemed to affect it just talking loudly engaging my diaphragm and moving in certain ways, sometimes eating too makes it feel more ‘pressure’. So I went back to the doctors the other day and he has prescribed me something for stomach acid even though I don’t have any burning sensations, he also has sent for another ultra sound and he felt around my abdomen and didn’t seem to be concerned. I got my blood done aswell for liver etc and came back clear, just waiting on stool sample and ultra sound. I’m just a bit worried because it is affecting my daily life, I’m worried I have done some damage lifting weights (perhaps breathing incorrectly when bench pressing) which cannot be rectified, I’m worried perhaps I’ve ruptured organs or weakened my abdominal wall or pushed stuff out in places it shouldn’t be in? I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid :/ I’ve stopped weight lifting and just focusing on cardio but it still doesn’t feel correct.

I just wondered if any professionals can help me or is it all in my head ? I saw a paramedic too who did a thorough examination and he seems to think a lot of it may be anxiety related but also a possible old injury that needs to be managed. Thing is the ultra sound never picked up an injury? Or will sometimes ultra sounds not pick up older chronic type injuries? Any advice would be great thank you, I’m really worrying about this as you can tell by my essay lol.
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Hi,  Did your doctor call you back with results?  This seems like it is getting worse over time.  But they are thinking it is gastrointestinal related?  Is that what you are gathering from their response as well?  Gerd can have different effects and gall bladder issues can also feel different than one would possibly expect it.  But you seem to associate this with physical exertion. This is not like a 'stitch', is it? Some people have gut  ischemia.  No idea if that is the case for you or what exactly is going on but wanted to start more dialogue with you about it.
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