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What is this pressure that sometimes ruptures behind my forehead?

-177 lbs
-Last BP reading: 107/63 p 58
-omnivore diet (lots of grains and lentils)
-non-recreational drug user (including cannabis)
-Abstinent from alcohol (almost never drank alcoholic beverages, never been tipsy or drunk)
-Father has managed hypertension
-Mother has recently been placed on a blood thinner
-no history of diabetes in the family
-Never had head trauma or any bodily injuries.


Sorry, I'm not properly educated when it comes to neuroscience and neurology. Something has been occurring on and off for about a year and a half, located near where my frontal lobe is.  It occurs, typically, after intense mental and physical (in the gym) exertion. The sensation I feel is a noticeable throb behind my skull. There's no pain associated with it (for the most part). I've had it today, yet I haven't had a headache. Picture it like how it would feel if someone took their index finger and pressed it against your forehead.

I went to the ER and had a CT scan February of 2020 because I felt a stabbing pain in my head when I was driving. However, the neurologist told me she found nothing on the scan, so that cleared up that concern. Jumping forward to October, this sensation began. For the first time, I started taking a weight gain supplement.  Included, was a 3 gram serving of creatine monohydrate per serving of the 1,250 calorie weight gainer. There was a family emergency that occurred one week after I began the supplement, so when this happened, my anxiety began to skyrocket and that's when the dull (finger prod) throb began to occur. It lasted for about a week (and I was still taking the weight gainer every other day). After various negative symptoms began to accumulate, I decided I wouldn't be able to take the weight gainer, so I stopped. That's when my symptoms seemed to worsen, so it felt like there was a massive lump behind my skull. I didn't go to the ER to have it checked out, because I didn't think it would be like a ballooning artery or anything (the neurologist did tell me that my brain looked healthy, after all). A month went on and without taking the creatine, the sensation came and went intermittently. It was most present in times of heightened stimulation/stress.  As the year passed, it came on occasionally.

Months later, when the throbbing reoccurred, I was out somewhere in a public restroom and the pressure seemed to peak to the point where there was this sudden, but slow, melting/burning sensation that “relieved” said pressure (bearable sensation, but unnerving). It was discomforting as having costume makeup on one’s face.

Then, in July of 2021, I accidentally rear-ended someone, going 30mph. A few hours before the accident, something happened that triggered anxiety in me (it was a falling out with a friend). I knew the crash was going to happen a few seconds before it occurred. Upon impact, I felt my brain collide forward against my skull. I didn’t receive any medical attention due to certain factors. When I was speaking with the officer that showed up to the crash, there was someone from across the street at an outdoor restaurant/bar who began shouting at me from his car, calling me a “hack-job”. I don’t take verbal beratings well, so when he yelled at me like this, there was a quick increase of pressure in that part of my forehead against my head, and unlike before, there was a slight stabbing pain associated with it.

A few months later, I tried taking a liquid form of Rogaine for beard growth. Taking this caused dramatic drops in blood pressure, 6 to 8 hours after a dosage. One night, I woke up after feeling the sensation of a popped blood vessel in my head (experienced in a dream state). While that kind of hurt and the pain lingered for a little while, I received no neurological symptoms. My blood pressure was just elevated that evening due to personal issues regarding the family emergency the year before. I ceased to take the Rogaine about a week after, worried that any anxiety I’d receive from life issues was going to negatively affect the regulation of my blood pressure.

At times, it feels like it’s something I should worry about, and I worry that whatever it is, it might rupture. The sensation has been coming back and usually does when I’m out driving on the road for extended periods of time and when traveling at 70+mph. I never get headaches or migraines. As an early junior high student, I would frequently get headaches, then I grew out of them. Even today, I never get migraines. Upon doing my own research, I found that it could be an enlarged vessel in the aponeurosis and periosteum, one of the layers before the skull. However, why would this sensation be reoccurring?  Could the neurologist have missed something?

I do have more information to provide, however, I just wanted to get this question/discussion started sooner rather than later.

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