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What is this?

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if someone can help me out. For quit a few months now I been having a lot of symptoms and just feeling generally unwell. I'm going to see many doctors coming up, like endocrinologist, rheumatologist, ent etc...but I wanted to post my symptoms and see if anyone has any clue what could be going on...
They are:
Fatigue...I am always tired
Dizziness off and on every day.
Muscle aches
Off and on headaches and pressure in my sinus area
Hair falling out
Weight gain
Tingling in hands and feet.

Please if anyone can help. I would appreciate it..
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Check hypothyroid (Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3.) Classic symptoms.
Also check:
B12  methylocobalamin , methylfolate, vit. D3, iron panel and tissue (not serum) magnesium.


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Thank you...Will definitely do..btw what is methylocobalamin ?
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Also I was told as of last month my platelets were elevated if that has anything to do with my symptoms. They were 408, now 414.
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One more thing, what do you mean by tissue?
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Hi Kelle.
Methylocobalamin is the neurological form of B12.
The test for this is a bit complicated as you may need  on top of
of the MMA test a Homocysteine Spinal fluid test, for more accuracy.
Normally only Cobalamin B12 is tested for.

Serum magnesium (as indicated in blood tests) represents only about 1%
of your body's magnesium, which is more or less controlled by protective mechanisms, so the integrity of your blood does not get compromised.
Wwhen doing a blood test, chances are that your levels will show normal, most of the time, even if the magnesium in your tissues is low.
That's why you need a tissue analysis that tests for minerals.

For these 2 aforementioned possible deficiencies, I suggest a 30-60 day trial of daily Magnesium Oil treatments and sublingual methylocobalamin drop (also methylfolate), in lieu of testing.

Your platelets are indeed high. There are a couple possibilities.
Either it has to do with inflammation, which is very likely in your case, due to your medical history. Should your thyroid be low indeed, then your cells  ability to heal  is diminished, so inflammatory processes are more frequent and prolonged
Or it has to do with thrombocytosis and you'll need more tests to establish a trend  and your PCP will then determine if you need to see a hemotologist for further evaluation.

I hope this helps, however, my comments and suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.


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Hi and thank you. Quick question. I am seeing a hematologist next month and I am petrified. Does high platelets mean cancer?
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No worries sweetie! As I said it is likely due to prolonged inflammation
or your body is just producing too many platelets or it may have no serious
clinical significance.
Worse case scenario, you may have to get blood thinners.
I don't see any connection to cancer.
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Thank you, that makes me feel better ;)
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