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What is wrong with me?

Since March/April I have been suffering from the following -
- Body-wide aches and pains (legs, arms, back, shoulder blades, neck, etc)
- Really sensitive and itchy skin with periodic hives / blotchy red rashes
- Fatigue
- Swelling behind left knee (GP thinks this is a bakers cyst, orthopedic surgeon disagrees)
- Light headed / Vertigo periodic
- Mucus in stool / Sometimes not fully emptying bowels it seems

I had a blood test 2 weeks ago that ruled out rheumatic conditions, and liver function is normal.

Could this be an allergy to something? This has been going on for months now. What's your opinion?

I'm seeing a physician next Friday evening but thought I would get an opinion here first.

27 / Male / 80kg
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You need to rule out Candida.
Most if not all of your symptoms are consistent with Candida.
It is a condition which is usually misdiagnosed :( and patients end up
suffering unnecessarily for a very long time, since the underlying causative factors remain unchallenged.

Chances are your doctor will not address it, unless you request it and hopefully s/he agrees to look into it.
No big problem if s/he ignores it.

The treatment protocol is simple, but not necessarily easy, specially when the strict anti-candida diet is considered.

And diagnosis is not easy, but you can do your own self-test as a screen.
You can go to the National Candida Center website and under testing,
there are 2 tests you can do.

There are other possibilities, however, candida stands out a lot more.
Beware that some of Candida's consequences are:
Increased toxicity from  chronically elevated acetaldehyde, Leaky Gut Syndrome and near incurable systemic Candidiasis, to name a few.

I hope this helps, but please bear in mind that my suggestions and comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best wishes,
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