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What is wrong with me???

Symptoms- sudden pressure in head, eye brows feel like they are exploding, right arm and leg go numb and tingly and weak, my eyes feel like they tickle when trying to focus, inability to speak or think of sentences, almost no memory during this episode can be recollected, poor balance and slow coordination, dizziness, intense heart palpitations, and muscle tremors on right side. Onset was February, 7 episodes have occurred so far. No auto immune disorders on bloodwork, mri is normal, cardiac test normal with non threatening common palpitations. I so far have a $20k medical bill and no answers. This is really dragging me down in every aspect.
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I was going to say the same thing. This sounds fairly serious.  But if you've seen a neurologist and they ruled out stroke (my first thought), what about migraines?  There is something called a hemiplegic migraine that has weakness and tingling that can occur with it. https://www.webmd.com/migraines-headaches/hemiplegic-migraine-headaches-symptoms-causes-treatments  Doctors take different approaches to treating them.  I think I'd try to see a doctor again to inquire about this.  I know you don't have insurance which makes this really even more stressful.  I'm sorry, sweetie.
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That’s what my neurologist was guessing. He started me on a prescription to help with the headaches. I just don’t understand the random occurrence of these symptoms and how intense they are. My whole right side stays weak for 2 days to two weeks then slowly gets back to normal until I have another episode. It’s very exhausting and google is no help, it says migraines or possibly als. But I’ve given up trying to find possible causes because that’s even more depressing seeing these extreme possibilities
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I mean, it sounds like something you would see a neurologist about as it could be seizures or it could be a stroke, but apparently you've seen specialists who would know that.  Could be a vascular incident other than a stroke, such as a migraine.  Can't tell you what it is, could even be a really bad panic attack.  It's very hard when you have a problem that is odd to get a good answer.  Often what you need are better doctors, not more tests with mediocre docs, but don't know who you've seen.  You don't have health insurance?
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I’ve seen a neurologist and a heart specialist. No stroke occurrence showed on CT or MRI, heart is healthy just have regular palpitations which they said aren’t threatening. And no, I don’t have insurance
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