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What should I do for on going sinus treatment

I have had sinus issues, Mano, strep throat and more issues since I was younger so I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out when I was 18 and started sinus issues and being tired at times for 2-4 years resently and had allergy prescriptions, allergy tests, prescriptions for antibiotics, mri, CFC scan, ent specialists, sinus rinses, hearing tests, sprays and went to a regular doctor that said I was missing a vitamin in my diet even though I have been anemic with both of my children and had to take iron that was making me tired but I went to my ent and he said the issues I was having was due to adenoids growing back, deviated septum, and swelled tissue touching the both  sides of the wall of my nose, so my doctor told me that my adenoids were the reason I had sinus problems, so I had surgery on adenoids removed again, turminals reduction, septoplacy and all tissue removed in beginning of December; in that time I had vertigo really bad, I couldn’t sleep because I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest and still does at times, and blurry visual, very alert, then they said it was vertigo.... then they took stints out.. felt somewhat good bust , still tired, more like exhausted,  and still have those symptoms still plus loss of appetite, things taste different to me, stomach ache that has last for 2 1/2 weeks with gass, burping, and sides hurt at times, and couch up mucus still, and feel pressure in my nose from it being inflammed, and headaches starting at night and more and threw out the day; i have lost already 10 lbs in this time and don’t feel erg to do anything that needs to be done in the house ; I don’t sleep well At all and have hard time going to sleep even in the middle of the night and so I went and got a ctc scan and it said I had thickening of mucus wall of sinus and sinus infection and lymph notes are swollen and was told to take a prescription once a day for 10 days of 500 mg and have told them that I don’t feel any better but then they said to take it till the medicine is done which I am on day 7 going on 8 tomorrow the 7th of January so do I get a second opinion or could this be something more that they aren’t telling me or fixing ?if so what does it sound like I have ?
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What did your allergy tests show? Anything?

Have you had your house tested for mold? There are different types of mold, and some are more toxic than others, and some people are more sensitive. This is a really general overview - https://www.webmd.com/women/mold-mildew#1

Here is some info on testing for it (and preventing it) - https://www.hgtv.com/remodel/interior-remodel/black-mold-symptoms-and-health-effects You can pay a pro, or do it yourself. Lots of hardware stores sell kits you can use.

Also - what meds do you take, for anything? Lots of those can cause vertigo, affect taste, etc., and some can have some funky interactions when taken together. This won't list all possible interactions, but it's worth a try - https://www.rxlist.com/drug-interaction-checker.htm

Good luck! Let us know what happens.
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Hello~I would certainly get a second opinion by an Endocrinologist, this sounds to me like a type of yeast infection called "Candida" It can grow on your skin, intestines, almost anywhere it is dark and damp. It can give you all kinds of strange and uncomfortable feelings as well.

I would also start your own little experiment at home. Cut out all sugars, wheat and yeast products, go low carb and try to exercise daily, also, drink at least 8 ounces of water daily. You should start to feel better if it is Candida.

Hope you feel better soon.
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