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White tongue

Good day i am a guy who has had many worring symptoms.I have had a white tongue which one dr thought it was ohl and another thinks its thrush.I have been on thrush meds on and off and there has been no end to the matter.I have had 35 (including today) hiv tests including a dna pcr 25 days after my involvement with a girl of dodgy status.
Any way the dr is convinced that my problem is not hiv.He believes i might have a genetic immune defect and has taken my blood to perform a full blood count.He then hinted that if it is inconclusive it may warrant a bone marrow extract.Could you please tell me what this extract might involve or try to achieve.Could the immune defect concerned be responsible for very late seroconversion as I had the encounter 1yr and 8 months ago?
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Since you had the encounter more than a year ago, any sero-conversion could have happened by now. Also if there was infection, apart from white coat on tongue you could have got several other symptoms by now like malaise, fever, aches and pains, diarrhea, etc to name a few.
White coat on tongue can be due to food, fungal infection or due to dryness. Repeated acid reflux can also be a cause. Try omeprazole empty stomach in the morning and see if it helps. Eat healthy, avoid hot spicy food/coffee/alcohol, and see if it helps. If sucking on a hard candy removes it then it must just be old food debris. Fungal infection and acid reflux related white coat will persist.
A microscopic examination of the scrapings can confirm the diagnosis. Antifungal medications such as tablets, lozenges and liquids will need to be taken for 10-14 days for complete relief (you have tried so chances are less that it is fungal infection).
Eat healthy, take up some activity you enjoy, and drink plenty of fluids. Take care!
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Thank you for your time doctor-these symptoms came at the same time as what apeared to be a genital wart as diagnised by a dr I suffered from fever and chils for ablout a week after exposure the white tongue occured ten days after plus I ended with swollen nodes in my groin at ten weeks after this is what concerns me 20 months later
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