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Whole body paresthesia

Hi, I'm a 19 year old female who's currently in university. Last Monday when I was writing notes in class, I suddenly felt strong tingling all over as if I had whole body paresthesia. I also couldn't concentrate and I kept on forgetting things that happened seconds before. It felt like an out-of-body experience. Moving was heavy and sometimes I couldn't feel anything, even my mouth. Everything looked like a stop motion as well.

I thought it would go away after some sleep, but it didn't. It lasted for almost a week. Unfortunately when I went to the doctor yesterday it has already disappeared. My doctor only told me to keep a journal just in case other symptoms arise.

The thing is, I know this can indicate many different things. It's just that my exams are coming and after that I have a 13 hour flight in December. It would be really bad if it happened again in those situations. I'm just wondering if, not knowing the cause, there are potential preventive measures that can be taken so that it might not happen again? Just things like eating healthy would be fine. Thanks!
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You should have gone to an ER. It is impossible to determine the cause of your symptoms. Your doctor is treating you like a hypochondriac.  It doesn't sound like stress to me at all. You don't need a "journal". You need a consult with a neurologist, a full neuro work-up to include an MRI/MRA.
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It sounds like stress but my advice is go to the hospital when you are going through a episode of it as they can run tests to find out what it is
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