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Why am I fainting after waking up?

I have passed out three times in the past year, each time right after waking up (around 12 AM, 2:30 AM, and 7 AM). Two out of the three times, I urinated while I was passed out. Two of the times, I was severely disoriented and confused after waking up. One of them, I had really bad palpitations right before passing out.
I am 23 years old, average weight and moderate exercise, and I have IBS-D with GI malabsorption, functional nausea/vomiting, PTSD, and panic disorder. My heart rate and BP tend to run low (40-60 bpm and 100-110/50-60 mmHg). I take Celexa 40mg daily.
I've had blood work done, several EKGs, an echocardiogram, and wore a holter monitor for 30 days and everything looked perfectly normal. It worries me though because the third time I passed out was last week and I was so confused for about 30 minutes after until I fell asleep again. I wouldn't want this to happen while I'm in public or all alone or something, and do something stupid because I am so disoriented.
Anyone have any ideas what this might be?
Thank you.
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Did you pass out while the holster monitor was on? What did it show? Also have you had an eeg done to rule out seizures during these episodes?
Unfortunately, I didn't have any episodes at all with the holter monitor so everything was normal.
And nothing has been done to rule out seizures.
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Hello~Have you had your blood sugar tested, it could be a form of unstable blood sugar. It could also be a form of  nocturnal epilepsy, I would see a neurologist and discuss your symptoms with him/her and ask for some more tests and blood work.
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This  could be a simple case of orthostatic hypotension. While the other ideas are brilliant, let's look at horses before zebras. try sitting up first, then try to get up after five minutes. See if it improves. If not, then we are probably dealing with something else.
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You mentioned you have IBS. I have episodes of almost fainting after a bout of diarrhea. I become flushed and very hot. Its the vagus nerve. Read up on it and go see a endocrinologist for further testing. Best luck.
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