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Why are areas of my body pulsing/ fluctuating?

Before i start, id like to say this is not stress related, i feel perfectly fine and am decently happy with myself.

It started a few months ago, i was just laying in bed and then my arm started feeling weird, like a pulse or something and it was completely out of rythm with my heart. I tried turning on a light to see it, but by the time lights were on the feeling was gone.
This happened a few more times over a month but they lasted so short, i couldnt get to see it.
Then after a month, i was playing the xbox then i could feel it again. 2 pulses, i look at my arm, and the worse pulses ive ever experienced happened. Like 5 in a row, repeatedly for like 20 seconds. I could literally see it in my arm, it was actually fluctuating almost like viabrating, id describe it as a mini seizure. I have absolutely no clue why this is happening, but its recently been happening a lot to my neck and back.
If anyone could shed a bit of light on this, that would be great. Thanks for reading this.
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Don't freak out, some people like to mention all the worst things that can happen.  But the above is probably where the problem is.  There is currently an epidemic of neck, back. arm and hand problems being caused by the constant use of video games, cell phones, and computers.  To use them often requires terrible postures, such as neck craning, and if you repeat them a lot you can get problems.  Go see your doc if you're concerned enough, but try not playing video games for a week and if it goes away you'll have your answer.
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Thanks for the comment, however i now have other needs to use the computer a lot, such as college work and that. If it is just a small issue, that cant escalate, im sure ill be fine. Mght go to the doctor anyway, but thanks for the help
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Hi, Brad. It could be from what is well known enough to even be in Urban Dictionary:

"gamers twitch
Involuntary, muscle spasm particularly in the hand, arm, or leg caused by quick movements. Generally results from playing too many video games."

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Well, it may seem my eternity of playing video games too much has finally caught up with me. Thanks for your comment, although i now jave tons of college work to do so i wont be able to stop using the computer
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There are various potential etiologies, ranging from neurologic to psychiatric to cardiovascular. You could be experiencing a simple partial (focal) seizure. Stress is the most common trigger. Others include fever/infection, fatigue, dehydration, caffeine, alcohol, medications, and flashing lights (e.g., playing video games). Many times, these small seizures are a warning that a bigger seizure is coming. Hence, it is important that you see your doctor for further workup and evaluation. This may include laboratory tests (e.g., electrolytes, including serum glucose) as well as other tests (e.g., EEG).
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Thanks for the comment, ill be sure to see my local doctor. Yes i play video games and do college work using computers, so im on it through the majority of the day and dont drink much water either.
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