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Why did I almost faint in the shower?

When I was in the shower, around 10:20pm or so, I suddenly felt my body grow weak. My vision started to fade away, and a bunch of static like colors consumed it. I could see still, but barely. My hearing became unclear, like the sounds around me were muffled. When I was breathing, which was heavy breathing, that was what my hearing was focused on. I felt a massive loss of balance and could barely stand, my ears felt like they were clogged and I could mainly hear my own breathing. What could have caused this? Beforehand, I was on my phone for around six or seven hours straight. Would suddenly getting up and moving under hot water cause this? I also bumped the back of my head on a glass table a few days ago, it's a little bruised. When I was in the shower, I was washing my hair and rubbing my head frequently. Could it maybe be that? Does me being a teenage female relate to it, like a hormone imbalance? Would someone help me understand why I might've felt what I did? I started to feel nausea about ten minutes into my shower, and that's when my loss of balance, sight, and hearing came into play. After a few moments of feeling these symptoms, I exited the shower as quickly as possible. I started to feel better when I drank water and laid down. I don't think it was due to dehydration though, I was drinking plenty of water throughout the entire day. I would appreciate any help given.
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Hey traciturtle.

Vasovagal syncope.

You were on the phone for many hours ( far too much time on it, since we don't know the extend of damage from  excessive exposure), laying down, slouching or sitting and then assumed an upright position to shower.
Sudden change of position from prolonged sitting/slouching/laying down to an upright position, is a triggering factor in vasovagal syncope.
Heat could also be a factor.
Hormonal imbalance may play a role in it too, hard to say.
You can consider a hormonal panel, however, chances are that it won't reveal much, considering you don't have any history of hormonal related issues ( at least from what you have posted)

You must have gotten really scared, but I suspect, it is an isolated event. Keep drinking a lot of water daily,
limit your exposure to cell phones and screens as much as possible, if it does not serve a useful purpose.

The price of entertainment, being for hours on cell phones and other devices, is not just because it's usually unproductive time or it's addictive, it is potentially very harmful.
Be extra careful, because of your age, where these concerns are usually minimized or discarded.

Best wishes,

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Hello~I hope you have not had any more scary episodes.

I would say that the heat could have played a large amount in causing the symptoms you had. The fact that drinking water helped tells me you may have been mildly dehydrated. You need to drink 8 glasses  of water daily.

You said you were a teen, well, hormones could certainly play a role in what happened as well, your body is still going through a lot of changes and sometimes these changes are not so pleasant. It would be wise to ask your PCP for a hormonal assessment panel.

I just re-read your post, I noticed that you said you bumped the back of your head. Well, in doing that, you could have caused some of the vertebrae in your neck to become misaligned. This could be the reason for the symptoms you are having as well. I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor, he/she will take an x-ray of your cervical region and will be able to determine what, if anything, is going on in your neck and if that is the cause of the dizziness, etc.

I hope you are feeling better soon. God bless you.
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