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Why did I pull long white hair like substance from a hole in my skin?

About 7 years I’ve developed a strange flesh filled lump on my leg. I started out small and now is like a little mass under my skin. The whole center if I poke through is dead as I can’t feel it be pierced. It won’t heal and always seems to be filled with some sort of fluid.

Over the past few years my skin has changed a lot. I scar from the simplest things. But recently any acne or flesh cuts will get a bright green crust over them as if it’s infected. AND the main similar quality I’m noticing in all is that they all end up having one massive hole in the center and a millimetre around the hole is a white scar tissue.

I had a pimple a month ago that I could of swear when I squeezed looked like a white worm popped out and slowly sucked back in the disappeared. I knew I was going crazy but was freaked right out because there was a hole.

Now - I had a raised black bump on my belly yesterday. I started picking at it and was pulling out white fibre hair like things. They came out some what goopy then it was like a hard string hanging out of the hole that I could pull on toughly. It was tough to pull and I could pull more and more out. It started gushing blood and I stopped. Pulled out atleast 3 inches of broken up material.

I’m a 26 yo female. I’ve been struggling with debilitating chronic fatigue for about 4 years now. It’s so bad that without taking stimulants I won’t even allow myself to drive after I got into an accident from falling asleep. I’m also being treated for depression and anxiety. Here is a list of all symptoms incase anything could be related.

Chronic fatigue and low energy.
Faint spells where when I stand up and don’t drop back down immediately I will faint and almost convulse. Smell a strong chemical when this happens.
Out of breath from minor movement.
Horrible memory. Will forget what I’m saying mid conversation. Horrible concentration.
Lactating nipples?
Horrible bacterial vaginosis 10+ years.

I have a video of pulling the white fibre things out. Also photos.

I want to be healthy and I’m seriously struggling staying positive
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You have a lot going on. If you have been having skin issues/infections for 7+ years, you really need to see a dermatologist. They will need to do an exam and possibly cultures to properly diagnose you. Given the fact that you are so fatigued you fell asleep driving, it is imperative that you seek treatment from a healthcare provider for a complete workup. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an accurate diagnosis based on symptoms only. Please make it a priority to see a healthcare provider sooner rather than later.
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ThAnk you so much!! I will, I got the areas swabbed yesterday for cultures. Waiting to hear back.
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You should ask for a CD57 blood test. My dr tested for Lyme Disease and it came back negative. I wasn’t convinced, the more I learned about it, the more I figured out that I would actually have to go see a Lyme Specialist and he did the CD57 test.  (The CDC doesn’t recognize some forms of Lyme as Lyme) For Lyme Specialist google ILADS. Good luck!
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