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Why do I Have Sudden Muscle Cramps Twitches and Muscle Fatigue?

So about 4 days ago i began experiencing muscle cramps with use and weakness in my left and right biceps and forearms, also twitching.  I did a set of monkey bars with my kids and over the weekend as well as a light bicep workout the next day is the only thing I can think of that would have possibly overworked my muscles. I literally cant use them for anything heavy or they camp up . 4 days seems like a long time for this to go on though. I workout about 4 days a week and havent dealt with anything like this before.I have also coincidentally had a twitch develop in my left side lower lip . And my calves are starting to do the same type of cramping that my biceps are doing. Any advice would help thanks!
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The usual suspects are medications, lack of proper hydration, and lack of electrolytes.  Age can also be a factor.  Problems like this can come from the neck, do you have neck pain?  I have this problem, it appears to be from a deteriorating cervical spine.  Fixed it with physical therapy and rest but it comes back every time I went back to weight lifting so I had to stop.  Rest for a few days, and if it doesn't go away, you might want to see a doctor to see if you have some nutritional deficiencies or something else going on.  There's also a thing called biceps tendinitis.  But I don't think anyone here can diagnose you over the internet.
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Hi thanks for the reponse yes I went to the ER yesterday and they gave me a CT scan which was normal and took blood to check elctrolytes which was good. They rehydrated me through IV. Honestly still felt the weakness upon leaving.  Later last night I noticed walking into a buiding from the larking lot my left hamstring bevamw very fatigued very quickly almost like a rapid lactic acid build up. That continued until I went home its worrisome to me not sure what to do from here as its starting to keep me up at night. Im having very small muscle twitches in my arms.
Sorry I forgot to mention that I dont seem to have much neck pain. And yes I understand that people cant diagnose me over the internet just trying to talk and find some support or ideas as to what a good plan of action would be or if anyone had similar symptoms that I could look into.
I would only say, the ER will only do triage.  If you want something more complete, you have to go see an appropriate specialist who will do more than just determine if there's an emergency or not.  Peace.
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Check into magnesium deficiency.  Those are my go-to symptoms when I’m deficient.

Extra exercise, medications and supplements can all contribute.
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