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Why do I constantly feel lightheaded??

It's like a everything is a fuzz. It's hard to focus and it's worse when I am standing/sitting. Parents are hypoglycaemic but I constantly have protein to level out sweets I eat. I have lots of water daily. I don't understand why I feel almost drunk. My thought process is really slow. I am always tired. What do u think?
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Hi Wildchild_20.
You must rule out candida. You can do your own saliva test for candida.
Just look it up online.
I would ditch the sweets as they may be responsible for a similar effect
of alcohol consumption, when they interact with yeasts in your system to produce ethanol and acetaldehyde as a byproduct.
Acetaldehyde is very toxic in the body and it affects the brain too!
I read somewhere about this condition and the author called it :
The Autobrewery Syndrome (ABS).
Your symptoms are typical of this.
Besides, your protein intake does very little to offset the effects of sugar and carb consumption.
You are still putting an insulin load on your body and potentially predisposing yourself to diabetes, while also experiencing hypoglycemic effects.
I think a sugar-free, refined grains-free and low carb diet will help.
You also need to take probiotics of the highest quality, or make at home from scratch, like yogurt,sauerkraut etc. Do a search for recipes.
Virgin coconut oil has great antifungal properties. Taper up to 5 Tablespoons daily within a month (it can be used in place of cooking oils
which are pro-inflammatory, whereas coconut oil does not alter with heat.)
BTW synthetic sugars are a no-no!
Beware of the power of Candida. It messes up with your brain, creating a
craving for sweets and/or carbs in general and weakening your resistance.
The only option is to stand tough and not give-in to the cravings.
Best wishes,
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