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Why do I feel sick when looking at certain foods?

For a the past few years now I will feel so nauseous when I see certain foods, mostly things like fruits and leafy greens. I am a very picky eater, but I didn't use to genuinely sick when looking at the foods my friends eat. Lately it's gotten so bad I can't even watch someone eat the foods and simply just think about it. I have done some research and the only thing I have found that sounds similar to what I'm going through is Selective Eating Disorder. I'm not sure if it has any ties but I do also have ADHD and one of the symptoms I have has to do with being sensitive to certain textures.
As of now I am 19 and it's extremely embarrassing to go out to eat because of how picky I've gotten because of this. I just want to be able to eat things like watermelon without gaging (as I wrote this part I gaged).
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I don't know why you feel like this, because that is a big question indeed, but I do know someone who has similar problems.  He has sensory issues and has Asperger's Syndrome.  I suspect that many people with eating problems, especially picky eaters, may fall on the autistic spectrum.

Maybe it is worth looking into it?  Maybe a kind of phobia is involved here too, where you become sensitised to certain things.  I do not know if treatment for phobia could help you, but again something to investigate perhaps.

I am assuming you have been checked out physically and are not suffering from nutritional deficiencies.  These could affect your health generally and may contribute to feeling nauseous.
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Who knows why?  Who knows why you have ADHD?  But you do, and part of having that is learning how not to let it direct your life.  Are in any kind of counseling to help you learn to do that?
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