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Why do I get chills sometimes and then overheat when I am in bed

When I go to bed at night sometimes I will get chills that can last from a few minutes to maybe 15 minutes and then I will feel fine and fall asleep. Then either I wake up to roll over or the dog needs to go out so I get up and then I get back in bed only to start feeling overheated as soon as I get under the covers and lay still. I have to take the blanket off so I can cool down and then I'm fine. But a few hours later I'll roll over and settle in to that new position and start getting hot again immediately. It seems that when I move it comes on. I don't always get the chills but it's always chills first and then the overheating...not the other way around. I'm not drenched in sweat either. Most times I cool down before any sweating would happen but a couple of times there was mild sweating. If it's hormone related then why does it happen once I move only? Why do the chills happen after I'm all warmed up under my blanket already?
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Hello~It could be a form of "hot flashes" I don't know your age, but as we near peri-menopause and menopause, our hormones can play some weird tricks on us and the hot flashes are definitely one of them. There really is no set pattern for having the either.

If they continue or get worse, then see your GYN, he/she will be able to take some tests and tell what plan of action to follow. In the meantime, I suggest going to your local health food store and purchasing "Bio-identical" progesterone cream. This is all natural, the same as your body would make, follow the instructions and maybe this will help, I know all ages can use it, and it helps so much more than just the "flashes" such as sleep, moods, etc.
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