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Why do I have a painless lump on the left side of my neck?


Recently, about 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed what seemed like to me a swollen lymph node directly under my left jawline, under my left ear. It doesn't seem to be all that tender or painful and only seems to ache a tiny bit when I prod or play with it (which I have been extensively since noticing it). I don't necessarily know what it is and it's got me a bit freaked out.

The lump in question feels to be about 1-2 inches in diameter, is somewhat ball shaped (or oval/tube shaped) and is firm to the touch. It isn't rock hard but it isn't soft or squishy either. It doesn't move much if at all when I push on it and it doesn't hurt or feel all that tender. As far as I can tell, it hasn't changed shape or gotten any bigger since noticing it. I'm concerned it may be something serious.

I haven't had any other noticeable symptoms. No fever, chills, trouble swallowing or breathing, but yet it remains. I did notice today that I do have a bit of white slime or spots covering both of my tonsils but they aren't sore. I don't know if maybe I have some sort of infection or what exactly. I will say that I did have a dental cleaning a few weeks ago and noticed the bump shortly thereafter.

Can anybody help me?

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Hey I've had something similar to you except mine are smaller. From what my doctor has told me lymph nodes can swell for really any reason under the moon so try not to worry. Since It does sound rather large it would be well worth getting it  checked out. Lymph nodes over 1cm are kind of concerning but over 2cm is seriously concerning if you haven't been sick. So just get t checked and go from there. Most importantly try to not worry. Best wishes!
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I'm curious to know your answers.  I'm going through something similar as well.
Turns out it was mono >_< A very mild case of it but mono all the same. I ended up with a sore throat for a bit but it quickly went away. No other classic mono symptoms. Bit strange but my node has decreased in size and I'm feeling 100% back to normal. Go see your doc and get some bloodwork if you're concerned. I thought it was lymphoma for gods sake. Nope just mono lol.
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Hello~I would first see your primary care physician and ask him what he/she thinks; then, if all is well, I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor. That "lump" could very well be a misplaced vertebrae, and nothing will fix it except some chiropractic adjustments. He/she will take an x-ray first to determine if this is the case of course.
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It turns out I had a very mild case of Mono. I didn't have any of the classic symptoms. The only symptom that popped up somewhat recently (after about a month of the swollen, painless, firm node) was a sore throat. The sore throat went away after about a week so bleh. Node is returning to normal size and has shrunk.

Those of you out there googling like mad, take some comfort in knowing that just because you have a hard painless lump in your neck, doesn't necessarily mean you have cancer. I seriously sat there and googled for ages and couldn't find anybody else with similiar symptoms so I'm writing this in hopes that it'll help some anxiety stricken soul such as myself. Do yourself a favor and stay away from google. I thought I had fricking cancer. :/
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