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Why do my lips and fingers taste bitter?

I licked my lips and tasted my fingers because i was eating chocolate. But before that, i was removing nail polish from my fingers. Could that be why my fingers taste like this?
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Yes, the nailpolish remover can cause the bitter taste. Wash your hands and mouth well. Use a soap for hands. Brush your teeth. If still the taste lingers then the cause is not in the fingers but in the mouth. Have citrus juices, lemonade and foods marinated in vinegar. They help in washing away the bitter taste by producing more saliva. Brush your teeth and your tongue with a tongue cleaner at least twice in a day and surely at bedtime. It will help in lessening the bitter taste. Vit C tablets, over the counter oral mouthwashes will help fight the taste. Increase fibers in the diet. Eat fresh things like apples that are crunchy or rough things like popcorn scrapes the white debris off the tongue. There are many reasons for a foul taste in mouth such as medications, infection of gums or cavities in teeth, post nasal drip as in sinusitis, salivary glands infection, pharyngitis or strep infection, dentures and artificial tooth or filling of dental cavities, Sjogren’s syndrome and copper or lead toxicity, poor oral hygiene, diabetes, liver problems, vitamin B12 deficiency, and over consumption of fluoride which is commonly present in certain mouthwashes and toothpastes , certain vitamins (Tri-Vi-Flor, Poly-Vi-Flor, Vi-Daylin F) , fluoridated water & sodium fluoride liquid and tablets.
I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor if the taste does not go away. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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most probably. or it could just be a salty taste as the human body is generally quite salty due to sweat glands. you would be increasingly salty on a hot day due to sweat for example
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I have the same problem too. Every time I use nail polish or remover, I usually wash my hands with soap. I don't get this bitter taste on my fingers or lips before, it just started few days ago. I thought it was due to a new anti-bite nail growth polish I bought, but since I cleaned it off I still get the bitter taste. Any idea of why? Pregnancy is not a cause, is it?
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