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Why does it feel like a needle in the side of my knee when pressure is applied?

About a week ago, my knee started feeling sharp pain only when pressure is applied.  I don't remember what exactly my position was (maybe I kneeled, maybe my leg touched the under side of a table).  But anyway, whatever it was that touched my knee felt like a tiny sharp needle instead!  There is no swelling or any visible sign.

I tried to find out what it was but there was nothing there.  I rubbed my knee, sort of poked at it to try and pinpoint where the pain came from.  It's only on the bottom outside of my right knee - if you were facing me, thinking of my knee as a rounded rectangle, you'd see the "bottom left corner" is what I'm pointing at.
I thought maybe I must've bumped it without noticing, I'm so clumsy like that. So I ignored it and tried to avoid touching it/ putting pressure on that knee.

For about a week, occasionally when I kneel or touch that same spot on my knee, it still feels like I'm stabbing it with a small sharp needle.  I almost think maybe something inside my knee is stabbing itself, being pushed into itself when I apply pressure to that specific spot at that specific angle.  I can't find much online about it - mostly people who describe a hot/warm stabbing pain along with swelling.  I do not have swelling, like I said, nothing visible on the outside which is why it's so hard to find the painful spot.
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Knees are complicated and have to be able to rotate in different directions so there are a few moving parts that can be the source of your pain. You have to see a doc or a physio person to have that analyzed though, because they have to move your knee through various positions while applying pressure or getting you to push or pull against their pressure to figure it out.
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