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Why is it that my Pelvic area Vibrates?

I'm 22 years old and I have recently noticed a strange vibrating feeling in my pelvic area. At first I thought I was kinda losing it, that it wasn't happening and I was imagining it. I sit about half my day at work, and trust me I am not imagining it.... I've read up on other peoples comments about this problem, but I lack to see what really causes it and what to do to stop it. I have been more sexually active in the last few months than is normal for me. I also have 2 adopted 16 year old sons, but this was over a year ago. I just placed them both in homeschooling because of skipping and fights at school. I don't feel stressed out about any of this, because they are good kids and just . But maybe I am stressed and just don't realize it. The vibrating is somewhat constant today. It can go for 2 seconds to about 8 seconds, with a pause of 2 seconds to a few minutes. I have recently also started drinking coffee, and I have never drank it in the past. Could the stress or the caffeine make any difference or both together? I am going to stop drinking coffee in hopes that the extra energy from the caffeine is what is causing this. I guess I was somewhat concerned about this, but to hear that I'm not crazy makes me feel a little bit better. At this moment in time I do not have a family doctor, but I will be getting one soon. Should I be worried enough to hurry to the doctors, or is it ok to wait a month while my medical is being processed?

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I've asked my doctor about something similar and it turned out to just be a nerve in the lower abdominal area.  It never hurt but just felt like a vibration.  Mine was not quite as chronic as yours so if it doesn't stop or stop bothering you, you might want to get that family doctor lined up.
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No, you are not crazy. Pelvic vibrations or tremors can be due to PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, compression of spinal nerves or due to pudendal neuralgia as an initiating symptom. Menopause and hormonal changes (other than menopause) too can cause pelvic tremors. Please consult your gynecologist to start with. You may need to consult a neurologist too.
Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
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Well luckly it has stopped all on it's own... I think that I will go to the gynecologist anyways just to be sure what caused it, thanks so much :D
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Ok, I'm a 52 yo healthy postmenopausal family physician, and about 2-3 weeks ago began to notice this intermittent vibratory sensation in my midpelvis - somewhat pulsatile, but not exactly matching my pulse rate. In 27 years I've never had a patient complain of this! It is mild, but annoying if I'm lying still. Doesn't seem to be related to urinary or GI symptoms. I have absolutely no other symptoms except some very mild low back discomfort on occasion. I ran a 5K race today at 11min mile pace with no trouble. I can't tell if this is vascular or neurologic, tho' the pudendal neuralgia diagnosis seems to make more sense as I have zero risk factors for PAD - so unless there's some kind of aneurysm of my distal aorta right at the bifurcation (makes no sense, really) - I'm wondering if our wonderful pelvic floor PT therapist could identify the muscles/nerves invovled and help me relax them - any thoughts?! Thanks!
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On April 22th, after a bladder endoscopy, I started to feel these annoying cellular like vibrations up in my genital zone, and then in the lower part of it. As everybody says here, this was running me crazy. My urologist almost laughed at me when I told him about. I suspect he thought I was kind of hypochondriac guy.

Then I started to google and found this page

After readings all testimonies written here, my wife told me that months ago she felt something similar, although less intense, than the vibrations I described to her, and that it disappeared when she stopped carrying her cell attached to her waist. So,

• On July 1st 2010 I decided to stop carrying my cell on one of pants pockets, or any other place close to my body, and always keep it on a table near to me.
• On July 5th I cancelled its vibration function, and the annoying vibrations in my genital zone started to show up with less frequency and less intensity.
• And July 14th was the first day vibrations didn't show up,.... and they continued disappeared, thanks God!, till today, July 21st.

My recommendations:
1) Deactivate your cell vibration function.
2) Don't carry the cell phone contacting your body but lightly afar from you whenever possible.

Note.- For those who can understand written Spanish, I posted a more detailed report about this in my blog (www.padronel.net) with a link to this page.
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