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Why is my 3 yr old always sick?

I feel like my daughter is always fighting something. Our latest battle is against a primary infection of herpes simplex virus (oral). Dr. thinks she came into contact w/ someone w/ a coldsore? She just turned 3 and this is her 5th+ infection- battle,not counting the common colds and acid reflux(not an infection) she battled as an infant. She has had pneumonia twice, hand, foot & mouth disease twice, ear infections on at least 2 seperate occasions, and now this. She also has a lump in the back of her head that they expected to go away within 6 mths., that will be 2 yrs. ago this July. Now they are thinking it is just a cyst. She routinely has swollen lymph nodes on the rt. side of her neck, but they feel that too is normal because of her fighting her infections. I have expressed my concerns to her pediatrician, but she just keeps saying,"She is a kid, kids get sick". It just seems too excessive to me. Am I a hypochondriac or what? She has always been such a trooper, but this latest viral infection has hit her hard, she is in alot of pain & the meds. have not done anything to help as of yet (going on day 3).
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NO NO NO, this is not normal in my opinion. Please get her a new doctor. She could have horrible allergies, or even a compromised immune system. I lived like this poor little thing my whole life with no answers until about 4 years ago and I am not 31. Ok, first thing, I believe she needs to see a specialist. She needs to see an immunologist preferably who deals with primary immune, or secondary immune disorders/deficiencies. I suffer from CVID (common variable immune deficiency). If you don't mind I will message you. Unfortunately, I have cruddy genes on mom's side. She has it really bad and so does my sister. It is good that you are looking for help for her. Peace and well wishes.
For both of you
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I agree. Need to investigate an underyling immune deficiency. Follow your gut. Doctor dismiss everything until it's no longer deniable. So sad because so many suffer needlessly.
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I can't believe it, your child sounds just like my 2 daughters. My 2 1/2 year old was in the hospital 6 times before she was a year old. First time, was apnea caused by reflux at 4 weeks, second and third were RSV, 4th was rotavirus and severe dehydration, 5th time was a UTI and 6th she was spiking fevers with no cause and high WBC. My 14 month old just had her 3rd stay 2 weeks ago. First was apnea from reflux, second was spiking high fevers with high WBC and third was horrible diaper rash that turned into staff infection. They have both battled flu's, colds, RSV, bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, and high fevers. My 2 1/2 year old was born with a cataract and had her entire lens removed at 10 months. Neither of them go to daycare and they are rarely around other children, very rarely. They are both sick constantly. I don't recall a month in either of their lives that they didn't have something.
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I forgot to mention they both have asthma and have used nebulizers and inhalers since birth. They get respiratory infections and diaper rashes all the time. They are both allergic to milk as well.
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