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Why is my foot not better?


I need some help with a foot sprain.
I was playing volleyball and twisted my foot while trying to save the ball (what a hero).
My foot was swollen and really painful, particularly on top of the foot (above the metatarsal 1 and 2).
I went to the doctor and they did an X-Ray radio.
The doctor wasn't really nice and just told me to use crutches for a week and take over-the-counter pain medicine for the pain.

I did go back to the doctor for paperwork and another doctor had a look of my X-rays.
He said I have a small "round" thing between my metatarsals 1 and 2 but it might not be the result of my current injury.
What could it be?

More importantly, I was told by the second doctor that swelling from a foot sprain Coul take up to 3 weeks to heal.
However, today was my first day off crutches and it was awful.
I don't have pain like I used to but my foot can't bear my weight so it keeps giving out. My ankle hurts now as well as my knee. I'm scared of getting more injured.
Of course I'm still swollen, I haven't recovered full mobility of my foot and my big toe often feels "sleepy".

I don't know that I should do. Is it normal that my foot is like this and do I just need to walk on it and it will strengthen?
Or should I seek another medical advice with supplementary exams?

I hope you can help me.
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