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Why was She shaking?

She started the day fine.
Ellie slept well and had a healthy breakfast

She went into school at 8am to do morning sports but she was only playing Volleyball so she wasn’t running around or anything. Ellie is a very athletic person, runs every evening and plays on atleast co-captain on all the girls sports teams.

Registration started at 8:30. Her form room is at the top of the building.
Ellie said she started to get pins and needles in her hand, one finger at a time until it was painful.
She then started getting a headache then and she described it as having a brain freeze.
Morning registration is 20mins long so she thought she’d be fine by the end and ignored it. I should mention Ellie gets short headaches every once a while but they only last about 10 mins

When Ellie went to her first lesson, her headache slowly got worse with all the noise around her.
She clearly didn’t look 100% because the boy next to her asked if she was okay. She said she was fine, never wants to cause a fuss, and went back to listening to the teacher.
The teacher asked the class to copy something from the board into their books. She picked up her pen and tried to read what the board said but couldn’t focus long enough to work it out.

At this point, her headache had gotten worse. Behind her eyes and ears, temples but it was the worst near her neck.

She hadn’t realised she was doing it until the boy had asked why she was shaking. When she looked at her hands, she saw they were shaking. Ellie tried to stop the shaking but it just wouldn’t. she ended up dropping the pen which coursed the teacher to look over.
This was an hour after the headache started.

One look from her, she was sent to the nurse. Ellie got up too fast and felt really dizzy. She almost fell when she swung her bag over her shoulder. The teacher wanted to send the boy with her to the nurse to make sure she got there Okay.

Ellie refused the help and went alone. The nurses office was only down the corridor anyway.
Her science teacher walked passed and asked if she was okay. Ellie nodded but she said she regretted it because it made her want to throw up.

>>>>fast forward to when she was sent home>>>>>

When I picked Ellie up, she looked terrible. I mean pale, slight shaking and walking slowly. As soon as we got in, I gave her headache tablets.

I only noticed the shaking when I looked closely but what I saw really worried me.

I handed her the box of tablets and she couldn’t keep her hands still.
She had quickly pulled the box open and pulled the pill tray out.

Ellie couldn’t keep her hands still long enough to pop out a pill. She tried, but ended up dropping the pack. I wanted to help her but she is too proud. She tried again but couldn’t open it.  

It reminded me of someone with Parkinson’s disease.

She changed into comply clothes and I had to feed her the water because she couldn’t hold it.

Closing her eyes made it worse and when she stood up she got really dizzy again.

My daughter is 14 and has no medical conditions that should have affected this. She wasn’t on any medication.

It’s the day after and the shaking has stopped but she still has a smaller headache that feels like “her head is too small for her brain”

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This sounds like something you should call her doctor for and have her seen as soon as possible.  If it doesn't subside, I'd consider taking her to the emergency room.   You worry about some type or neurological issue or brain issue involved. Unless he had the shivers or something like that.  But if it were tremors, I'd see a doctor as soon as possible to rule anything serious out.  The tremors and headache are concerning.  Let us know what you find out.  
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