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With gca can carotid artery pain after eating mean a pinched artery or dissection?

So I have a number of problems that I'm told could be the cause of vasculitis. Like cancer, thyroid disease, rumethoid arthritis and osteoporosis. It effects mainly my main arteries temporal, carotid, aotric, the ones down my back. But it does effect every artery and vein at times. Ive had every single on become inflamed at one time even in my face and if barely touched I can feel it in my brain...very weird. Anyways. Ive been having a flare the past 2 days with the most painful (I mean the kind of pain that makes you want to walk into oncoming traffic) pain in the right side of my head, tempal, jaw. Im surprised I survived the night cause honestly it feels as if the artery in my brain with just rupture it hurts so bad and is so inflamed. After being up in tears all night and most the day (the pain comes on sudden and can just get SOOO much worse lasting days even weeks) I decided to eat a salad. Cause I need to eat healthy anti-inflammatory type foods. When I swallowed I got the most painful, sharp pain in my right (swollen inflamed) carotid artery. It hurt so bad it took my breath away. I was then unable to swallow for a bit or really catch my breath. Then it would finally ease up but then do it again. I had to stop eating afraid my carotid was going to rupture or that id choke to death. Never ever felt this pain before, not eating or swallowing any food. Any idea what could cause this? Wasn't sure if a pinched artery was possible or not. Its so tender and painful to the touch im scared to push on the spot that feels like maybe something oa stuck or pinched. There is no food lodged in my throat or anything. Any ideas? Or possible remedy to make it stop? Thank you!!!
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Very strange symptoms, and quite alarming. I’ve never heard of anything remotely like what you’re describing. I hope an actual medical professional reading this might venture a guess as to what’s causing this, but keep in mind, most Dr’s won’t give you an actual diagnosis without personally examining you.

I think your best bet is to continue to seek medical help. If your regular Dr can’t help with this, ask him or her for a referral to a specialist. In fact, I have a feeling you may need to see multiple specialists to get to the bottom of it.

I’m sure many readers here are sympathetic to your pain & wishing you luck. Those of us who are Christians may want to say a prayer for you. Best wishes & prayers for healing to you. Please check back in & tell us how you’re doing & if you get a solid diagnosis - I’d personally be interested to know what’s going on with this...
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First of all, what was in your salad?  Not usually the best place to find antiinflammatory foods.  In fact, some things people put in salads are pro-inflammatory.  For the most part, the biggest anti-inflammatory things we consume are actually spices and herbs, and if you need enough of them to treat a condition rather than just for overall health, you usually have to take them in supplement form.  So there's that.  But the answer to your main question would depend on what's causing the condition, as you have to treat the cause most likely to treat the condition in any lasting way.  If you can't figure that out with your current doctors and specialists, find better ones.  Peace.
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