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I found this in the potty of my 4 year old, after emptying the contents (stool) into the toilet. I took pictures :P viewable here:
if anyone can identify if its a worm infestation from those.

I think its maybe Pinworm (aka Threadworm). After reading something about it on the net, I am going to examine the external anal area tonight because they are apparently visible then.

So does the picture look like worms?
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I would be guessing a tape worm of some sort.  I have actually had the wonderful experience of tapeworms - it was horrible.  There was 3 of us that ate the same thing at a restaurant and all ended up sick with tapeworms.  A friend of mine got it by eating a carrot with some dirt on it from the garden...  The treatment for this is quite simple - a few pills and the worms are gone.  They will probably ask you to collect samples and take them in for processing - just so they can find out if there are others.  I got lucky and passed mine - which is not that common.  Your child has obviously passed it and could be over it.  However get your child checked out to make sure.  

When I had them, I could not digest food (they soon gave me B12 - which was supposed to help me digest food - but since tape worms feed off of B12 it did me no good).  The day I passed it, I was extremely sick - just about puked the entire day.... it was not good.  If your child was sick for the last few days or just had a gut ache - this could have been why.
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Thanks, the wife is making an appointment as I type this! I looked into tapeworm and noticed the similarities in appearance. Apparently part of the tapeworms break off and end up in the stool so it could be that.
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That is not pinworm. Pinworms are very tiny and are usually seen in a large number. That could be tapeworm or some other sort of large worm. take it to a doctor for sure!!
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That is DEFINITELY a worm alright.   You may want to keep a specimen to take to the doctor who will be able to identify the type of worm and thus provide the appropriate course of treatment.
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BTW, click the images to enlarge.
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