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Worried about brain tumors


I come on here because I can’t go with this alone. I already have an appointment at a neurologist, but I just need another pair of eyes until then.

I’m really worried about having a brain tumor since I’ve been experiencing a lot of weird things over the last few months (some of them years). I’ve decided to write my symptoms down on a list:

-I don’t know for how long, but I definitely have constant visual snow. A static vision that are especially bad in the dark and in surfaces with not a lot of details. Sometimes I also get these tiny flashes.

-my pupils are some times different in size. It shift from eye to eye. And most days they’re equal in size. They do however react normally to light.

- for a few years I’ve had these weird sun burn sensation on different part of my right leg. It’s like patches that are unbearable to touch. It only last for at few days and then it go away. I do however also have right hip pain, and sometimes my entire leg just hurt (like when you’ve been standing up all day.. just more severe).

- occasionally I also get these strong pains in my left leg leg.. it hits like a lighting bolt which start from my lower back.

- right over my right ear and right cheek I often get these weird tingling sensations/numbness. My jaw may be tense, so that could be a reason.

- I also have tinnitus.

- I often get this pulsating sensation in my head (like when you get up to quickly). For me It just comes almost every time I get up or turn my head. Also I sometimes get this feeling of my head being extremely heavy.

- I some times get this one sided headache on my right forehead and in the back. Nothing intense.

Extra info: I do not have high blood pressure but I do suffer from anxiety! My hearing had been checked and is great for my age. The same goes with my eyes. My vision is great and photos and tests of my eyes has shown nothing.

So what are your thoughts? I’m honestly really scared, and don’t know if it’s all connected or just different problems m. I do not expect a solution.. just some thoughts on my weird sensations!
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Sorry for misspelling. English isn’t my first language. I do however read and understand perfectly:)
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There are many benign reasons all these things could be happening, and depending on your age, could be age related in nature.
Do you have chronic back pain? Neck pain? As we age, our discs loose some of their moisture, and can shrink a bit, causing nerve compression that can be intermittent or chronic. It can also occur in the neck and thoracic, as well as the more common lower back. Arthritis can cause many of the symptoms, particularly involving the headaches, neck turning, and leg pain.
It might be worthwhile talking to your doctor about the symptoms and ruling in or out any spine issues.
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