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a laundry list of things

My son is almost 14
around the age of 4 was diagnosed with ringworm on the scalp....which left me  puzzled
since noone else in the house had it.(later on about 3-4 more bouts of "ringworm" and yet noone else having it,
I started to really get irritated I knew that something else was going on."alopecia areata" diagnosed years later. )

when he was real young he suffered from cronic ear infection (they subsided around age5/6)

he was in fairly good health till about age 7/8
Then was diagnosed with Asthma around age 8
about the same time was also diagnosed with seasonal allergies.

went from just taking benedryll and albuteral
to taking claritin , flovent, albuteral, patanol
now to those plus been recently handed scripts for  singular, bepreve, and 2 other antibiotic type medicines..

because he has developed a rash and an eye condition has recently been to the opthamologist.. need to still see the pcp to get a refferal to a dermatologist....

Please Help
If you have any Idea what can be causing all of this... feel free to reply
or if you live in the Pittsburgh area.. and can recomend a specialist I would appreciate any and all Help

Thank you in advance....
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I am not a dr. by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a nursing student. I do know that lupus is an autoimmune disease that presents itself with multiple, unrelated symptoms including skin rashes and hair loss. Other symptoms are seemingly random and unique to every individual. Doctors don't jump to this conclusion very frequently, especially in male patients. A simple blood test could let them know if further testing is necessary. I would ask for this test; it couldn't hurt!
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im stumped on this one....all i can say is go to a teaching hospital where you will get better service and better care, for the asthma id take him to see a pulmanary specialist at a teaching hospital.   if i remember correctly he was having eye problems alot of times its an eye doctor who can pick up on things  doctors dont!
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
It is really very perplexing. What eye condition has your son developed? Sjogren’s syndrome is one possibility with dry skin and dry eyes. Lupus is another possibility. Any other symptoms he has that you can think of—say diarrhea (then it could be Crohn’s) or UTI then it could be reactive arthritis.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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First of all, I have 4 year old little girl and if I were you...
If this was my daughter I'd... I'm not a doc but I am a mom....

I've been that sick kid and God bless me, I'm 35 now...  
I also just found out that asthma is actually an IMMUNE DISORDER so PLEASE read this entire write-up... meds and diet change may help....

As for LUPUS, I just went through those tests, it's an ANA test - Antinuclear Antibody test, it will test for lupus and arthritis and etc.... if it comes up positive the doctor will hopefully submit the test with a request to run further "panels" (breakdown the postive result to see exactly what's the issue) NOTE: you can have a false positive on ANA test so be sure to have more than one done a different times, even a week apart is good.

I'd take him to the nearest children's hospital tomorrow... and sit there until they see you, then they'll probably either take cultures and run test or tell you to call the dermatologist and it will be on a form stating to go see the Dermatologist and an Allergist (he needs skin test and food testing for gluten, milk and etc if not already done)...

***You then call the dermatologist and allergist saying the the Emergency Room sent you and you're in that week!
I've done this non-intentionally a couple of times and that's how I don't loose my mind waiting... especially for your child....

He should wash only in CeraVe', you can find it at the drug store be sure to get the regular wash NOT the facial wash they both have green labels....

**** Zyrtec has an allergy eye drop you may want to try in combo with an allergy pill

* Also, in his baths add some baking soda to sooth the skin... if he takes baths
* I'd put him on a Gluten Free Diet, http://www.gicare.com/diets/gluten-free.aspx
* I would put him on Children's or Adult (ask the pharmacist) Zyrtec to give him some relief
* If he's uncomfortable perhaps half the recommended dose of children's ibprofen

*** I'd take him to an allergist to get tested
*** Wash his sheets and clothes in "All" fragrance free including fragrance free softener sheets, wash sheets every week in hot water
**** do not allow any one in the home with fragrance, for soap, deoderant, perfume, air fragrance
*** Change the air vent with a dust mite high end air filter

Below is my generic reply... to my skin problems and etc recently BUT please read it... it has more info....
Burning skin...

First, spend the money on CeraVe' Soap, it's at the drug store, for your hands and the shower...

Also, a 24 hour antihistamine, Allegra is the best then Zyrtec then Clariton, take any of the 3 that you can tolerate.

Also, stay out of the heat, bright light bulbs, cover your self with a light shirt and pants.... a hat but you do not need to get heated like sweating....

Also, taking, comfortably cool showers, not hot or cold, will help but wash with the CeraVe to rehydrate your skin....

Also, buy a water purifier for your tap water...even bottled water is bad, it has a chemical in it to keep it looking clear "non-cloudy"

In the last two months I've met my high insurance deductibles in and out of the network by taking 3 year loans on my 401(k) and hardship withdrawals so I hope this helps someone,,, and I've been going to every Emory specialist in Atlanta to figure these pieces of the puzzle out so I hope this helps.... here's more gathered info...

Your T cells are probably out of wack, your immune system... my story may help...

My allergist - immunologist has attempted to block the leukotrienes, the things that get to the skin that causes the burning sensation with Singulair 4 xs a day with Zyflo CR, I can't take the Zyflo CR, because these meds effect some peoples emotions incl. me apparently.... but taking the higher dose of Singulair  has brought some relief....

I'm not a doc but I've been to many trying to get mystery burning of the skin and rashes figured out incl. a dbl ear infection and EVERY doc that the dbl. Singulair and Zyflo was a Brilliant idea....

* Keep your skin hydrated to help it help you, use a 95+ sun screen, fragrance free
* Sensitive skin facial cream with sun screen then facial screen on top

*** Also, Your stomach is the key to feeding the immune system...

eating gluten free, non-spicy, no processed, only olive oil cooked foods if possible, high omega-3 such as walnuts and eating very health organic food with Kefer to drink (a yogurt drink found in the dairy section helps digestion of the walnuts), a gummy multi vitamin 2xday (easy to digest, has everything in it or do good ol' Flinstone vitamins, docs even give them to pregnant women to take), 1 Magnesium vitamin and flax seed vitamin 2xday (helps the immune system) to help balance out the immune system...

God bless, keep the faith...
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