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a lot of symptoms with no answers

I am a young woman who has had her fair share of health problems.  I was diagnosed with allergies at an early age.  When I was in high school I had my gallbladder removed at age 15 and debilitating migraines for a year.  I missed so much school and was constantly hospitalized.  I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and started depo provera.  I was put on preventative meds for the migraines and after a while they seemed to work.  It seemed as if all my problems were hormone related.  I seemed to be getting better and when I was 23 I started having rare symptoms again.  I had leg pain and swelling that eventually went away, hives without a cause, migraines started again.  In the past year I have had all of the following: VERY DILATED EYES- with no known cause, severe nausea and diarrhea, many GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES, stiff and sore joints and muscles, horrible fatigue, MIGRAINES, easily bruising, shortness of breath, severe sweating, an occasional low grade fever - 99.5, nosebleeds, VERY RAPID HEART RATE, back pain - maybe from kidney stones, indigestion and gas,blood pressure normal until last appointment 147/100, surgery for KIDNEY STONES, and APPENDICITIS (probably unrelated).

I have seen a GI, my internist, and a urologist.  I am not diabetic and don't have celiac or hypertension.  I have an uncle with crohn's disease, and an aunt with Rheumatoid arthritis and a rare disease affecting the muscles and organs.  My father is diabetic and has stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

I had a Colonoscopy that showed granularity in the cecum and proximal ascending colon (biopsy).
I had an upper endoscopy with granularity and erythema in the antrum and stomach body compatible with gastritis (biopsy).

I don't believe that I have just had a lot of rare symptoms and bad luck.  I believe that something is the cause for all these problems and possibly related to hormones.  Some may not be in relation to what is really wrong, but I know my body and something is not right.  Can anyone please help me?????  I am desperate.
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