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albinos - DNA composition and tipes of phases

I want to know what is an albino's DNA compositions and when does the fetus/baby turn into an albino ( age ).
I would also like to know if you can do a test, during pregnancy, to find out if the baby is an albino and at what phase of development can this test, if possible, can be done.

I would aslo appreciate it if someone can give me a helpful website about this subject.

Thank you!
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thank you very much!
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
“For couples who have not had a child with albinism, there is no simple test to determine whether a person carries a defective gene for albinism. Researchers have analyzed the DNA of many people with albinism and found the changes that cause albinism, but these changes are not always in exactly the same place, even for a given type of albinism. Moreover, many of the tests do not find all possible changes. Therefore, the tests for the defective gene may be inconclusive.
If parents have had a child with albinism previously, and if that affected child has had a confirmed diagnosis by DNA analysis, there is a way to test in subsequent pregnancies to see if the fetus has albinism. The test uses either amniocentesis (placing a needle into the uterus to draw off fluid) or chorionic villous sampling (CVS). Cells in the fluid are examined to see if they have an albinism gene from each parent.
For specific information and genetic testing, seek the advice of a qualified geneticist or genetic counselor. The American College of Medical Genetics and the National Society of Genetic Counselors maintain a referral list. Those considering prenatal testing should be made aware that people with albinism usually adapt quite well to their disabilities and lead very fulfilling lives.”
Please refer to this link for complete information on genetics behind it and other information: http://www.albinism.org/publications/what_is_albinism.html
You can sign up at http://www.albinism.org/ and receive all the information you need.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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