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have taken androgel for 4 months at the rate of 2 5mg patches per day. i started getting very mean and yelling at wife. final it can to a slap. this is that my behavor,   had be  arrested and now i face court. went to my doctor and he said he have not see any of this in his pactice? i know this was the problem for i have been off of it for a month and have none of the same finding. need document proof since doctor will not back it??  please help /// p.s. been married 42 years
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I researched your med in several places & anger/aggression/
temperment/violance are not anywhere in the side affects. Only
thing I found was depression/acne/rash/hives/enlarged breasts
on men taking this. Headches occured if alcohol was consumed.
You may have had a placebo effect & this med led you to believe
each night would be perfect? If you want to save your marriage,
don't use it again & ask wife if she would consider counselling
together. A little slap doesn't get you arrested. She must have
had other issues going on to call police. If you feel the
rx made you go aggressive, contact the FDA for more study info
during trials before released. Your pharmacist can also do a
print out of side effects & give you a FDA # or start google-
search. The love for a partner will generally send you out the
door for a long walk/drive before striking. Something else is
going on. If you were out of control w/ this med, others around
you would have noticed the personality change.
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I too have been taking Androgel for about 7 months and I have also noticed a chnage in my behavior. I have been experienceing uncontrollable anger. I fact last night I put my hand through  the wall. I have never done anything like this before. I love the results of Androgel i.e. increased libido, muscle mass, energy level, etc, but I am wondering if its worth it. My relationships at home are suffering badly.
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I am the wife of a man who is very calm and never violent until he started using Androgel-the violence has been intensifing and we have figured out that it happens only when he uses the Androgel daily.  In order to try to save what may be left of our marriage he is no longer going to use it or we are afraid one of us will end of seriously injuried or dead.
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I am a 39 year old male and have tried testosterone injections as well as androgel. I am also experiencing anger, but my sex drive has not improved.

why take it?

Not sure that it's worth trying to figure out how to correct my extremely low testosterone levels if it is going to ruin my marriage.
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also I was doing research and did find that "hostility" can be an adverse effect in hypogonadal men.

here is a link from the fda...

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A related discussion, Androgel was started.
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Google "Personality Changes Caused by Low T Therapy" or "Testosterone, TRT, Mood Swings, and Roid-Rage" for some good and up to date information.
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