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anxiety stress physical symptoms

i have anxiety extremely bad my current symptms are scaring me because there new so if anyone out there has simular symptoms or other anxiety symptoms please post your story i think it will helpme and others to accept and cope with this disorder latley ill be driving or walking and out of the blue my arms will feel heavy along with my head somtimes my whole body feels this way othertimes its just my head and arms i feel so tired and weak somtimes along with my lips tingleing heart skips beasts shortness of breath feeling faint episodes naseouse ive had tons of tests and seen the doc plenty they all say anxiety the only abnormal test was my testosterone was very low and my prolactin was a little high hormones any way when i get my weak heavy arm episodes i can still drop and do 100 pushups if you have any input or sugestions plese respond i am a father and a husband and my family needs me any of your posts would help my recovery
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im a girl and im 19
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this is all anxiety related bordering on panic attack
some people can get really tired while having anxiety, the tingling is related to your blood pressure that usually goes up with anxiety, along with heart beat etc. also during "fight or flight" your body pumps most of your blood to your arms and legs; you also may experience stomach ache from the body wanted to flush the bowels- all these symptoms served a purpose back when we were cave men/women- but not so much now; your wiring is just messed up and you would do well with the right antidepressant, usually SSRI's. It could make a world of difference. Along with coping/behavior therapy and changing your thinking patterns during an attack. And exercise makes a world of difference for anxiety sufferers. even if you feel tired your body still needs to release restless energy
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babygal did you post your age and sex here for a reason?
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I probably have insect bites on my legs and I scratch them, so the doctor and psychologist told me that it is probably anxiety. I did something that help at FIU that help me a little bet, but I still feel like picking them even when I know it is wrong to do.
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Chin up.  Please try and trust the doctor and the test results.  They see 100s of people and are really very good at their job.  It does you no good to think, what if.  Cognative behaviour therapy is excellent for health anxiety.
Are you on any medications? Paxil can defintely give those heavy/weak arm symptoms but of course so can panic attacks.
You will get over this.  Meditation, excercise, listening to music, being kind to yourself can all help.  Try and focus on your kids and keep busy so you have less time to focus on every little physical symptom.  Also, if you have a partner, get them to agree to only hear about your symptoms once a day at a fixed time and you are not allowed to mention them until that time.

Good luck.
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im not on meds yet thanks 4 your post pum those were good tips i might start paxil tonight or lexapro what do u thinks better lex or paxil?
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what do you mean you will try one or the other? you were prescribed these meds and not taking them? or you have acces to them and they were not prescribed to you personallY? no do not take anything without a dr to give them directly to you and monitor your use of them. pleasee dont take it upon youself to self diagnose or self medicate as it can be very dangerous. there are different meds of course for different types of anxiety, depression ect...and to take the wrong one could be devistating to your mental health. call your dr and talk to him about what would be in your best interest.
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Take your doctor's advice on which medication to take.  I found paxil great but it's not for everyone.  It is most important to remember you could get worse initially and that it will take up to 3 weeks to work.  That is why you need to have close supervision from a doctor.  Some people have bad experiences (at first normally).

Good luck.
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babygal go home to daddy. There are people here with real problems. Good night little one.
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I suffered from anxiety/panic attacks a few years ago.  I could not believe what was would happening to me.  I literally felt as if I was going to die.  It culminated with a rushed visit to the ER, I thought I was having a heart attack.  I was cleared by the cardiologist and was relieved.  My doctor prescribed XANAX for whenever I felt an attack coming on.  I would take one-half of a .25 pill.  I also cut out all caffeine, except for chocolate.  My attacks gradually decreased.

I did so much better.  Within one year, I stopped the attacks completely.  I don't carry XANAX anymore and I know that I could have another attack, but, I know that if I do, I will be okay.  

Reading good material about panic attacks also helps you understand what is happening and therefore helps you not fear them so much.  I also read books written by people who are professional entertainers who dealt with them.  That is helpful too.  I was so terrifed that I would be forced to live with them, but, I didn't.  Have faith that this can be managed or eradicated.
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My son is 13 years old and as of 6 months ago he started having symptoms.  The symptoms consisted of...first he would have total vision loss, then he would have chest pain with rapid heart rate and towards the end he would feel like he HAD to take a deep breath.  It always ended with a migraine headache.  I have been to cardiologists, neurologists, he has had an eeg done and it showed an abnormal reading, they said they thought it was seizures, but now they say, they are not sure that it could also be underlying stress.  They are running more tests right now.  He has had sometimes up to 10 separate times in one day that these symptoms happen to him, even when he is sitting down watching t.v.  Any info would be helpful right now.  Thank you so very much.
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I have been feeling sick 4 the past 2 mths now. I've been doing some research online on different diseases. I went 2 the clinic & I took an HIV test. The results came back negative. I continued 2 feel sick so I decided 2 go to the emergency room. I was there 4 5 whole hrs & all they could tell me was I had a yeast infection. I have very bad headaches, I feel nausea but I've only had 2 vomit once, I get dizzy & I feal faint, I have hot sensation feelings running through my body, I'm always numb in my feet, hands, & the left side of my body, I have constant fevers that won't go away, I sleep all the time & I c things that aren't really there. I don't know whats going on? I am so scared right now. I feel like I'm not going 2 get the answers I'm looking 4. As I sit here & type this message, I'm feeling so bad. Sometimes I think I'm going 2 die in my sleep. I've never felt this way. It just all of a sudden happened & it won't go away. I don't know what 2 do?
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