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anxiety symptoms

I have anxiety and with my anxitey i get all these wierd symptoms including the feeling of having a heart attack. I have been to my doctors were they did some test on me. i came out fine in all areas. but iam noticing that i am feeling new symptoms and i want to know if anyone has experienced these before : numbness of only one side of face ears feel like they are clogged headaches left arm hurts and feels sore my chest feels sore too and also a burning sensation in my face. I am 25 years old three kids. iam tired of feeling scared. i want this feeling to end already. Anyine dealing with the same problem i would like to hear from you. THANKS
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yes i have had those same feelings u r having a panic attack... I got put on .5mg xanxs and it has been alot better and i have not had a attack like that sense i have been taking it...
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You may think this has NOTHING to do with it, but I'm wondering how much caffeine you drink in a day. Some people experience higher anxiety levels when they consume more than one drink a day (such as myself.)  Took me forever to figure out what was causing my anxiety.  Went on a budget, HAD to cut out sodas for a few weeks, and tension disappeared.  When I was able to afford sodas again, guess what... all of a sudden I was anxious all the time.  Since then, I have gone to drinking diet, caffeine free coke and aw rootbeer and NO MORE ANXIETY.  Hope this helps
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You might try ashwagandha. It really helps calm anxiety and has been around for centuries from India and they still use it to this day for that. Second choice is peppermint tea. It helps calms you. Third choice is Korean ginseng, it gives you a boost. Cycle on and off ashwagandha and ginseng such as 2 weeks on and 1 week off, or begin taking again when you begin to feel any anxiety coming back. Peppermint tea, take anytime.
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