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bad drugs

im 16 year old and ive been doing mollie and acid for about a year now. last month i amolst died twice, from what i believe was a drug over dose. the first time i was at a rave and i took 2 hits of some sort of research chemical one of them was 25 I, from the moment the 2nd hit took effect i didnt fell right, i wasnt really a trip, it felt more like a body high, and there was a weight on my chest. i ignoerd mthe felling and went on as normal. when we were on our way home my friend was going 70mph on a really narrow turn on the highway and all of a sudden i got this burning in my chest and my heart started racing. when we got home my body started going numb and i couldnt breathe, for the next 6 hrs i was just focousing on my breathin and trying to get my heart rate back down. i went to sleep and felt a little better the next morning, but my chest was still hurting and it was hard for me to breathe. after about a week of my chest not hurting,3 of my friends and i took a blue puma tab at a tattoo shop. i had herd that blue pumas were bunk, but the guy that gave it to me said it was a green jaguar. i never really felt like i was rolling. when we were on our way home i felt something, and then all of a sudden my arms started going numb again and they started cramping up, they were stuck in a crab like position, and i couldnt breathe, and i had this stabbing feeling in my back, i felt pain all over my body, and mostly where the main veins are, my neck, the inner part of my arm, and behind my knees, it felt like i was being stabbed. i fell out of the car and ran into the house, and drank a bunch of milk, it freaked out my friend becuse they took they same sh*t as me, my friend kinda got the chest pains but it wasnt as bad as me. i was still feeling the symptoms, but i felt a little better, i still couldnt breathe. and i seriously thought i was going to die, i layed on a couch for a couple hours trying to get my heart rate back down. its ben like that since them, sometimes it goes away but not for long. i went to the doctor they did a kat scan an ekg and blood work, but they said i was fine. i didnt tell them it was fron drugs though so they said it was probablly a panic attack, which i know it wasnt. i havnt been doing acid and mollie anymore, but ive been doing downers drinking and smoking weed. sometimes when i smoke the feeling comes back and its hard for me to breathe, sometimes my body tenses up and i start shakinng, also since then ive ben getting stabbing pains in my chest back neck and my arms, they still go numb sometimes, i just want to know whast wrong with me,  i dont want death to be the only way out of this.
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I met Jose and his group at my school chapel and they are excellent for helping teens. Jose started Freedom Village and lost everything due to drugs. His job, his house and his family until someone stepped up and gave him a second chance. Now he helps teens on drugs at Freedom Village.    At any given time, there are 150-200 young people at Freedom Village. These teens, aged 14-21, have come from all walks of life for all different reasons. Some young people have good families; others have no support from any family members at all. A few of the teens came here as a preventative measure, as they really started going down the wrong road. For others, Freedom Village is a last stop before they face jail or maybe even death. Young people are here for drugs, abuse, abandonment, stealing and any number of reasons. And while each young person has their own story – some worse than others – each young person has made a commitment that they want to change and that they are willing to give Freedom Village a chance.
If you would like more information about Freedom Village USA and receive a application please contact our INTAKE DEPARTMENT at 1-800-VICTORY.
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My sister is a heroin addict and it started from what you're doing. Please just stop now. She's in and out of jail. Had her baby taken away from her. Just get help. She was 15 when she started...She's take it all back now if she could. Let me know if you want to talk.
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What I would say is that your body is trying to tell you to stop something is not right. Do you really not want to be able to breathe? I have seen a lot of drug users go through some stuff but nothing like that and I really think that you should stop.
How does your parents feel about this?
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