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bad kidney infection?

I get a lot of stomach aches, some are from ovarian cysts, but lately its my side and back thats been hurting. It started last Tuesday(march 20). I drank a lot today, I had 4 bowls of soup, lots of cranberry juice, well lots of liquids. And I haven't gone to the bathroom yet and its going on 8:00 p.m. And when I do try to go, my side hurts really bad, barely anything comes out. Even when I just go to sit down my side pulls. A long time ago my urine was very cloudy, and my bladder would hurt when I went to the bathroom. But that was a few weeks ago. Could it have been a bladder infection and its now a kidney infection? This happens a lot, I'll just start getting these stomach aches on my side and into my back and when I use the bathroom my side kills. But it doesn't burn when I go, its not cloudy or bloody, my side just kills. Could these be reoccurring kidney infections? And how can I treat them? My mom doesn't seem to think anythings wrong until I start sleeping all day and I won't eat or do anything. I was just at the doctor too but it was because I had a viral infection. and if it is a kidney infection what could happen if I dont treat it?
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About 7 years ago I had a bad kidney infection.

It started out as a UTI that I left untreated.  I started getting pains in my lower abdomen that would radiate thru into my lower back.  While this was all happening, I was still experiencing the same symptoms that go along with a UTI such as pain when I would urinate, the feeling that I had to still go, and only a little would come out because I was frequently going to the bathroom due to the urge.

I let the pain go on too long because I was in college at the time.  The pain got so bad that I ended up in the ER.  They took blood tests and a urine test.  Then the doc started pounding on my back and when he got midway up my back apprx. I screamed.  Thats when he said it was a kidney infection.  He got the lab results back and he said that if I had waited one more day that I would have had to have been hospitalized.  So if you do wait, Im not sure what will happen physiclaly but I do know the pain will get worse and you will end up hospitalized.

Not even the pain meds that they shot in me many times stopped the pain.  They told me the only pain worse than a kindey infection of my seriousness was kidney stones....not even child labor is as painful...well according to the nurse.

I would have it checked out before it gets any worse.
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