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black spots on feet

about 4 years ago i srarted having a bad body oder that nothing can get rid of i've seen a dr he prescibed drysol propanolo xanex and lexopro because of this i have anxiety and social phobia i refuse to leave the housewhen istarted those meds i started acting diff partying and cheated on my boyfriend of 5yrs even tried to kill myself which landed me in a mental hospital which they gave me  abilify and klinopin  in the mental hospital i notice black spots on my feet when to clinic and took an aids and syphilis test both where neg took those evry six months for upto 2 yrs but  did find out i had trich got treated but black spots are still there i  also haven't had a period for about 9 mts and have  hair growing in strange places and odor is still there odor seems to get worse when i'm stress are in public places other people have even notice i've tried bathing 3times a day powder anti bacterial soaps topical cream  its a musty odor that wont go away could the black spots some how be connected to that{only 23 blk female)
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could the spots possibly be new moles? has you dr looked at the spots? skin cancer may be  a concern. I have read and saw stories on tv about people with strange body odors, there is a name for it but mostly i thouht it was in heavy people.the hair growth could be a thyroid problem or hormone problem, if you havent gotten your period mabey its time for a complete physical.good luck
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could possibly be a fungal infection. it could be a lot of diffrent things though, hard to tell from reading a description on the internet. you should have them examined by a doctor (dermatologist if you have the money or insurance to see one) soon if you havent already.
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I periodically get black spots on the bottom of my feet that looks like bread mold it doesnt smell or hurt or itch its just there for a few weeks of time and then goes away
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the odor you may be having could be bacterial vaginosis..you should check with your doctor about your bacteria levels
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