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bleeding sore roof of mouth

This morning I noticed a bleeding sore on the roof of my mouth , there are two red patches on either side but only the one on the right is bleeding. Today was the first time this symptom has accrued.  Almost four years i have had bad allergy and can not breath through my nose. Oddly the right side of my nose is almost clear sometimes.symptom Could this sore be related to my mouth being dry at night while I try to sleep. Other than the allergy's I am very healthy. I have no access to health care at 55 I am very worried.
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do you use any denture ? this may be the cause if so please check your dentist,
other may be fungal infection that give you this ulcer in the palatal area and cheecks a dentis can diagnose
third , this may be due to blood disease so you need to see a haematologist for this disoder
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Do you remember burning the top of your mouth?  Sometimes it can be due to trauma to your mouth, like if you were eating a snickers bar and the peanuts scraped the top of your mouth. (Happens to me).  Sometimes your toothpaste can cause the tissue to slough off.  There are some things you can use for the dry mouth, since it sounds like you are a mouth breather.  Biotene is found at your local drug store, and they have several products you can use, spray to lubricate your mouth, mouth wash and tooth paste.  If the ulcerations last longer than a few days, I would see a dentist.  If it is uncomfortable, you can make a mouth rinse using Keopectate and liquid Benadryl.  1/2 tsp of each, mix together and swish for one minute, then spit out.  It will help coat the lesion and numb it at the same time to give you relief.  Good Luck
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i would think that ur allergies is getting worst...i am not a doctor so that is the best thing that i could come up with
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