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blisters and nerve pain

I get blisters on my butt that seem to be following a nerve and causing lower back pain and nerve pain that runs down my leg. I get this every month before or during my menstrual cycle.
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Are they on your buttocks only? Does it start as a rash, and progress to blisters filled with liquid? I can only make a suggestion, and that may be herpes zoster, or known as shingles, as shingles follow nerve lines trying to reach the skin. It is painful. And they reoccur. This can be due to stress or immune system not doing well, so may explain why it comes and goes during your monthly period. Have you asked dr.?
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It  starts with nerve pain in my lower back and on the right side of my leg all the way down to my foot. then a rash and blisters. I do have low vitamin D and low thyriod and low B-12.  And alot of stress. I had gone to the doctor 6 years ago and he said it was shingles and then told me later he didn't know for sure. I found out about the low vitamins long after I had seen that doctor. I had been going to all kinds of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I was vary weak and vary tired and in alot of pain and vary depressed toward the end of this i was having trouble breathing, the blisters was at the bottom of my list. 6 years i faught with doctors. They told me i had fybro. and tried to put me on meds for all the pain i was in.  Finally i found a doctor that listened to me and 90% of my pain is gone due to low vitamin d and low thyriod. Now i am trying to find out about the blisters and the pain from that.
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yes they are only on my buttocks but moving up toward the spine
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My husband's dad used to have blisters on back and other parts as well...no one put all his symptoms together, he finally died of congestive heart failure, but he also had colon cancer which ran in the family, as his Dad also died from colon cancer. My husband's dad had many symptoms and problems that we now know were due to him having a genetic disorder that made him store excess iron. He was Irish and it is very prevelant in Irish and other European backgrounds. But your saying your other symptoms including thyroid and the years of run around with drs makes me wonder about whether you have ever been tested for iron overload, called hemochromatosis. I know it is a shot in the dark, but I am letting everyone know who has posted about similar symptoms, as this disorder is so common yet is missed so often by docs. My husband was misdiagnosed with things such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and the dr couldn't find anything else to pin his symptoms on. So now we have a diagnosis after all this time and it's a simple blood test that is not routine. People diagnosed with iron overload often, OFTEN have thyroid problems, and b12 deficiencies are common as well, and hypothyroidism is a major issue in this disorder. Iron loads onto thryoid and also pituitary gland causing hormonal changes.

Liver and heart and joints affected first, but it loads onto brain and pancreas so early symptoms are related to these organ and their functions.

Anyway, I can go on forever about all the complications caused by this one heavy metal, but I hope this might give you something to consider with regrads to your blisters and rashes. Common problems with iron overload are skin manifestations, like the rashes and blisters.

Take care.
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Thank you so much for the info. I will keep this in mind.
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