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blood and puss filled bumps around the vaginal area

Dr. Who ever
For a couple of years i have experienced blood and puss filled bumps in my pubic hairs. Sometimes I bust them and sometimes they hurt too bad to bust but they continue to bleed.They don't bleed badly but usually leaves blood and puss spots in my under wear. They disappear and return frequently. Recently I noticed the top of my pubic hair changed colors.(a greenish gold looking color.)I've had this problem before I lost my virginity so I don't think its an std maybe it could be can you please help me or is their any body out there experiencing the same problems as me. If so please help!!!!
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these are probably boils, but you need to see a dr.....try cleaning them with betadine liquid until you see someone.
good luck
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If you've ever shaved, it could be in-grown hairs.  I sometimes get  small whitehead type things with red circles around them that look a lot like in-grown hairs on my legs from shaving them.  Good luck
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I am a 25 year old male with the same problem. I have had this problem before I lost my virginity...however no change in pubic hair color is visible. I too beleive this is not an STD. I do not shave my pubic area, therefore I have no clue what could cause this. If one of these bumps are broken...pus, followed by blood is present. I simply just try and wash the area as much as possible...because for me, sweat seems to be a major factor in these outbreaks.
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i have the same problem i know its not a STD because i have it since i was a virgin teenager. mine occurs around the back of the ears, then one or two on the pubic area(never returned) then recently, i'm having a lot of em on my face... i dont know what's it called so anyone who could give a little light on how to cure/prevent them would certainly help.
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This is most likely Hidradenitis Suppurativa.  I have had it since I was 13.  It usually begins with the onset of puberty and affects the adult sweat glands.  It is often characterised (especially in the beginning and with the larger ones) by "bridge scarring."  This resembles two small "pools (indentations) witha  raised "brigde" of skin in between.I had them under my arms, all over my breasts and in my groin.  Now I just get a few under my arms and in my groin once and while (I had the underarms excised and a breast reduction.  The former didnt work yet the latter did THANK GOD).  But then, I am on antibiotics everyday.  The severity varies with the patient.  It often gets better with age.  

ps.: It took me two yearsa nd a myriad of foctor to finally diagnose this.  It was a dermatologist who finally todl me, "Oh yes!  I know exactly what this is!  Unfortunately, there is no cure."  Great.  BTW...  It is consiodered an "orphan disease" and is listed as a disability.  If you have it bad enough you will be approved for SSI/SSD.  

Hope this helps.

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I also have it and don't believe it is an STD. Mine occur around the vaginal area. Sometimes they get rather big and tender and refuse to pop since there mostly filled with blood. I also get them in my armpits, but those are mostly pus. I've had them since an early teenager. But they have been gone for a while. It seems I only get them when its hotter out, could they be caused by sweating? IDK but its awful and embarrassing.
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