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blood and puss filled bumps around the vaginal area

Dr. Who ever
For a couple of years i have experienced blood and puss filled bumps in my pubic hairs. Sometimes I bust them and sometimes they hurt too bad to bust but they continue to bleed.They don't bleed badly but usually leaves blood and puss spots in my under wear. They disappear and return frequently. Recently I noticed the top of my pubic hair changed colors.(a greenish gold looking color.)I've had this problem before I lost my virginity so I don't think its an std maybe it could be can you please help me or is their any body out there experiencing the same problems as me. If so please help!!!!
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these are probably boils, but you need to see a dr.....try cleaning them with betadine liquid until you see someone.
good luck
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If you've ever shaved, it could be in-grown hairs.  I sometimes get  small whitehead type things with red circles around them that look a lot like in-grown hairs on my legs from shaving them.  Good luck
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I am a 25 year old male with the same problem. I have had this problem before I lost my virginity...however no change in pubic hair color is visible. I too beleive this is not an STD. I do not shave my pubic area, therefore I have no clue what could cause this. If one of these bumps are broken...pus, followed by blood is present. I simply just try and wash the area as much as possible...because for me, sweat seems to be a major factor in these outbreaks.
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i have the same problem i know its not a STD because i have it since i was a virgin teenager. mine occurs around the back of the ears, then one or two on the pubic area(never returned) then recently, i'm having a lot of em on my face... i dont know what's it called so anyone who could give a little light on how to cure/prevent them would certainly help.
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This is most likely Hidradenitis Suppurativa.  I have had it since I was 13.  It usually begins with the onset of puberty and affects the adult sweat glands.  It is often characterised (especially in the beginning and with the larger ones) by "bridge scarring."  This resembles two small "pools (indentations) witha  raised "brigde" of skin in between.I had them under my arms, all over my breasts and in my groin.  Now I just get a few under my arms and in my groin once and while (I had the underarms excised and a breast reduction.  The former didnt work yet the latter did THANK GOD).  But then, I am on antibiotics everyday.  The severity varies with the patient.  It often gets better with age.  

ps.: It took me two yearsa nd a myriad of foctor to finally diagnose this.  It was a dermatologist who finally todl me, "Oh yes!  I know exactly what this is!  Unfortunately, there is no cure."  Great.  BTW...  It is consiodered an "orphan disease" and is listed as a disability.  If you have it bad enough you will be approved for SSI/SSD.  

Hope this helps.

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I also have it and don't believe it is an STD. Mine occur around the vaginal area. Sometimes they get rather big and tender and refuse to pop since there mostly filled with blood. I also get them in my armpits, but those are mostly pus. I've had them since an early teenager. But they have been gone for a while. It seems I only get them when its hotter out, could they be caused by sweating? IDK but its awful and embarrassing.
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ive had the same problem i am 13 years of age and i am sexually active before i lost my virginity i was itching alot i didnt know what happened it stared when i was 12 years of age i wasnt goin to the doctors because i was so scared i discharge alot and i always thought it was an STD so i havent had sex so its good to know that im not the only one with this problem
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I have had the same problem since I was a young child.  I'm still a virgin so I don't think it is an STD either.  I get these bumps on my vagina and they swell up and nothing but puss and blood oozes out.  Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they itch.  When they bleed on my panties, they make a scab and when I go to pull down my panties to use the restroom, its like ripping off a scab and it starts bleeding all over again.  I have no clue what they could be and I have not been to a doctor.  I thought I was the only one that got these.  THANK GOD there is somebody else.  I would always look up the signs for Genital Herpes and Genital Warts thinking maybe I contracted it some other way then sex.  If you find out exactly what it is, make sure you post it because I need to know!
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I have the same problem. I've had mine since i was like 13. I 16 now and still have the same problem.I am sexually active and have been ever since I was 14 years old . I thought I was the only one with this problem. sometime it hurts and when I was younger I used to try and bust them to see if there go away. But, they didn't they only get worse and started hurting.So now it goes away and comes back. I really wanna know what it is but I'm scared to go to the doctor cause  I hate neddles. I need help.
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what you're experiencing are in grown hairs. they come from shaving the pubic hairs, the only way to prevent these is to NOT use razor blades. instead use hair removal creams, or hair clippers to shave. the razor doesn't cut the pubic hair at the exact length to grow back correctly, or as it was before. TRUST ME i've been shaving with razors for a while and as soon as i stopped, the ingrown hairs did also. if you'd like to continue shaving with a razor a home remedy for popping the really sore in grown hairs is to take the skin from inside of an egg shell and place it over the bump and let it harden to your skin. this draws the bump and all the puss and blood to a head, and it will ooze out on it's own. i hope this helps you guys :)
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I keep getting tiny white bumps that appear in random places in my genital area. I have 2 tiny bumps on the head of my penis and a couple of the shaft area, and some on my inner thigh and where all the pubic hair is. I never got these until I shaved one time about 3 months ago and then I got like 3 white bumps and they went away and then a few days later other white bumps popped up in random spots. Idk whats going on and I'm really worried. I think I might have herpes, but I didn't do anything to get them. The last thing I did was get a hand job 6 months ago.
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its seems like everyone gets it around the same age.. 13 or 14.
i remember getting them in middle school.
and all the same things have been happening to me. i visited my doctor and she didnt know what it was and shes sending me to a different one.
i was supposed to go yesterday but i had to change my appointment.
and ironically, today i feel it growing back again.
and whats weird is that i have a bump on both sides.
both get puss in it but only one swells all the way small again.
the other has this huge scar. and its really annoying because it hurts to walk at moments.
but i always get them before and after my period.

my doctor also said that when i go to the other doctor to ask to cut it off of me. owwwww im scared.
i dont know if itll actually help but i hope it doesnt end up growing back..
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the exact same thing as what everyone  up there happens to me i started when i was 13 or 14  now am 20 and was a virgin and still am a virgin  sometimes they comes as lumps under my skin that get big and then a head grows out and when it bust puss or blood start to come out. ive seen hair growing out of the ones that are now left as a scar. when they are not visible i sometimes itch really bad, and they usually come before my period as small white bumps i just hope it's not an std  
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look up infected hair folicles. my boyfriend has that problem and i know it can be extremly painful. they also call it folicitis.  they have alot of info about it on here
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This is so so funny to me! though its not a laughing matter! I am a 26 (soon to be 27) year old African American. I have delt with these same issuses for years I am very happy that I have found others who have this same problem! I have had this problem for a long time. I would like to list some of my symptoms for others who may be having this problem and unsure.1.) Fleshy bumps, 2.) filled with pus and blood, 3.) the bumps are not usually in my vagina but they are around the vagina like where the hair growns. They are on top of the skin and ususally there is a hard mass under the surface. like the other person the bumps would bleed on to my under garments and create a scab and when I went to pull my under gaments down it would be so painful to remove them because it was ripping the new forming scab.  some times they are in the crease of my vagina and my inner thigh. I notice that  in some places where the bump goes away hair will not grow. There is also a small like "line" ( for lack of better terms) or small incision where the bump once was. one time one of the bumps burst and it was like 6 strands of pubic hair in the blood when I wiped it off. (yes I was grossed out). another time I had one grow rather large and I went to the er and they burst it and filled it with gauz to drain it.  some times they do stay for long peroids of time and I think that mositure make them stay longer.... Some times they itch. Well, I'm trying to post as much observation that I can so others that might have this same problem can get help. Oh yeah its not a STD or communible.. but hopefully this will help some one...... If I think of any other things I'll just come back and post.

-Jo Jo Dancer
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ok i have the same promblem i have bumps on my ***** that have puss and blood come out they tend to hurt i just wanna no wat they are im sure itz not an std even though im sexually active i got checked for all stds and i have nuthen but these bumps with nasty stuff cumin out of them and they stink like ewwwww i no but sumone tell me please
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i have the same bumbs really didnt get them  untill i was older went to the doctor because i thought i had a std. they did test came back negitive. the doctor said that it was vaginal acne and they will some and go when they want gave me a perscrition thatg by the way made it worse. just resently got one of the bumbs that hurt so bad couldnt pop it and couldnt walk due to its location went back to the doctor now they say its a form of staff. the perscription that they gave me made them all go away that was about 3 months ago havent had one sence. so would just go to your doctor abd have them test the fluid that comes out of the bumbs hurts really bad when they lance it and healing ***** but so worth it.
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A related discussion, I have a bump too was started.
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I have the same problem, I think. I'm 15 and a virgin. I have these bumps under the skin in my groin area. Last year i got them and they were only on one side. Now there is a small one on the other side. They have never popped before, but they are hard underneath and tender to the touch. I have been very freaked out and I don't want to tell my mom. After they go away for a while they leave marks where the skin has stretched. Today one of them opened and blood and white stuff-puss?- came out. It hurt, but now I feel like they are smaller. It still hurts, but I think it is just healing.
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ok i am almost 26 now and i have got these bumps since i was 11, which was when i started my period.  i have been to every kind of doctor but a dermatoligist.  where most of yours are hard bumps mine are a little different, mine are completely soft in the center but all the other symptoms are right on.  i can tell you for those of you who think these are ingrown hairs they are not at least not if its the same thing i get.  my gynecologist has done just about every kind of test including cutting them open to see if it was ingrown hairs and there are no hairs in mine.  they are very painful.  i honestly thought i was the only one with problems like this.  when mine first started out they were only in my pubic region.  now they are under my breasts under my arms behind my ears and still in the pubic region, but not in the vagina.  they are red and sometimes can turn a dark black looking color and are filled with puss and a little blood and they dont ever really go away.  they just get to where after they bust they feel a little better for a little while..  to those of you that are scared to tell your mom or your doctor please tell them and get an appointment with a dermatologist. they deal with skin problems all the time so they will be the best bet, i wish i would have thought about that sooner.  well i hope this helps someone and if anyone gets a formal diagnosis please post what it is so i can ask about it cause i have been dealing with this for almost 15 years now.
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I can't beleive this, I thought I was the only one! I'm so glad they're not an STI, I didn't think they were as I'm not sexually active. By reading all these comments, it seems that they're something everyone gets every now and then, and something I shouldn't worry about. I'm going to do the warm compress for a couple of weeks, and hopefully they should go away. I only get them every couple of months, if that, and think they're probably linked with a cycle, so I'll do the compress and see how it goes. Mine are only painful when I pop them, and then after for a day or two, then they're fine for ages. I'm not going to touch them anymore, and if they go i'll comment on here again. I think not touching or popping them is the best bet though. I'm just so glad i'm not the only one. thanks x
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I used to experience this very thing and it was diagnosed as hydratinitus suppuritiva (don't think that's the right spelling though). As everyone here has said it is very sore but I think the worst thing you can do is bust them. They will eventually just go down themselves although will be likely to fill up again but busting them leaves horrible scars. Sometimes they will bust themselves but I found if I didn't squeeze the puss/blood out then there was less scarring.
There is a treatment out there for this but it involves surgery. I had glands removed from under my arms and from the pubic area. Having said that, it hasn't cured it completely but before the operations, I used to get 2/3 every week now it is like one every six months or so.
It has made a huge difference and although the surgery left bad scarring, the areas were scarred from when I used to bust them. It is the scarring under my arms that is diffficult as I can't wear strappy dresses/tops and always have to be covered up to a certain extent but if you have this problem, then it's not very sightly anyway so I would say surgery is worth it.
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OMG I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!....im glad to know im not the only one and i only get them on my vagina but my pubic hair color hasnt changed...i started getting them a couple years ago and i can remember thinking "what is this ****?" but i never paid attention to it until after i had sex and i thought it was an std but i remembered that i had had it before i lost my virginity a little over a year ago...but i've been to embarrassed to go to a doctor abt it...now i am confident enough to know that i am not alone and i will go get diagnosed and share my results!!!
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