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blood donation

hey, have any of you ever donated blood and it got rejected?  how long is it until they send you a letter or call you?  how do they handle it.
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no im not saying mine was rejected, i donated 4 weeks ago and havent heard anything, i was asking, how long does it take to get notified if it was rejected.
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The ony people who would know the answer to that are the people that did the blood draw.
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They would send you something right away as your blood is tested immediately. I once received something from the Red Cross 1 week after donating blood and it was to tell me that they detected that I did NOT have a certain virus in my blood that MOST people do and asked me to donate more often because my blood could be given to infants. You would have know by now if you had a disease.
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I tend to have high blood pressure and I was rejected once for this. They did not send me a letter. What were you rejected for?
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I'd call them and tell them you want to know why they rejected it. If you have an infectious disease, such as mono or hepatitis a b or c, hiv or other things, you would be rejected. If they can't give you an answer or it will take a long time to get an answer then go to your doctor and get tested, they should be able to tell you why with a complete blood test. Try to find out because it could mean you need treatment of some sort.
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I would say that you're in the clear.
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...however, I forgot to add this.  If you're questioning whether or not you are infected with something, blood donation is a very scary way to test yourself.  Not scary for you, but scary for the blood supply.  Even though the safety nets are in place, and even though the testing is very rigid, there is still a small window of opportunity in between infection time/testing accuracy where your blood could contaminate the blood supply.  
Not that I'm implying in any way that you did this, but I am a recipient of 3 blood transfusions, and its a scary thing to think of someone who is afraid/embarrassed or has no insurance...and they figure that donating blood will tell them what they need to know.  It has been done before.  Just an FYI.  Not a great way to find out answers about yourself.  
As far as your situation, I feel that 4 weeks is enough time.  You would've heard by now.
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