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boils ? blood in urine, very large glands in groin , What the hecks going on now

Not sure whats going on bu I had a crop of boils approx two weeks ago in groin area and back of thighs. My Gp gave me antibiotics which I finished a week ago. The bolis had subsided dramatically and wernt red or causing trouble. Anyway over the last few days I have come out in another crop in a differnt area , my glands are very swollen , red and painful, Ive got quite bad stabbing pain in my left lower back radiating to the abdomen on the left side and blood in my urine. My Gps given me another course of antibiotics differnt ones called co-amoxiclav and sent my urine sample off for analysis. Are the boils and blood in urine related or seperate issues. If so what? Be grateful of any ideas. I did ask my Gp and as usual didnt really get an answer other than oh I think you need antibiotics.
Thanks Chris
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Where are the new "crop of boils" located?
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Hi, the new ones are in my groin but a seperate area and on the back of my other leg . Chris
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I don't mean to scare you, but did your doc confirm that these are not herpes lesions?  With your immune system being compromised (from your posts I assume you have an immune deficiency).  A small number of people have severe intial outbreaks that can have some of the symptoms you describe.  Just a thought.  Hopefully, your doc didn't think so.

Best Wishes
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Hi Ive seen two seperate Drs re these boils and they both confirm thats what they are. I,m not concerned its Herpes either as Ive been with my hubby 35 yrs altogether. I'm seeing my neuro in july so I will add these to the list I suppose.  Thanks very much for your comments though. XXchris
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Well, that's good.  I'm sure sorry you are going through all this Chris.  I hope they get you some answers soon!

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Thanx Pam . I hope so. XX Take Care Chris
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