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boney hump on base of neck

I have a hard boney like hump on the base of my neck, above and in between my shoulder blades. Its rather wide and is like an abnormal extension from my spine. The only thing like it i could find was a buffalo's hump. But a buffalo's hump is made from fatty tissue, mines hard like bone. Also i have read about osteoporosis. In old women it can cause them to have a hunch back. But i am not old and pretty sure i dont have osteoporosis. What it looks like is a hunch back. Its extremely embarassing to me. I first noticed this hump around 5 years ago and i think its getting bigger. I am and have always been moderately overweight. As of now i am 6 months pregnant and have gained more than the expected weight. I am not obese. I would really like to know what this is and if there is anything i can do about it.
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If you are 6 mo. pregnant, why not ask the Dr. at next appt?
The widow's hump is definitely fatty to the feel but not always
hunched over but do to rounded shoulders & poor neck posture.
If it's bony to the touch, may be form of hardened muscle. Just
say you want to be sure it's nothing to effect the baby. Never
heard of a large bony area there protruding. Guess I would ask
for a needle aspiration for culture. Mri is out since you're
pregnant. If you've had it this long, didn't you consider an
x-ray atleast to ck. for a tumor? Now you're sorta' stuck for
just a clinical evaluation. Once baby is born, write down things
out of the norm & ask Dr. This isn't related. Just want baby to
grow up healthy.
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Thanks i guess i will ask my doctor at my next app. I usually have soooo many questions for her about the baby and pregnancy that i forget the ones that dont have to do with the pregnancy. Thanks for your help.
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I think it might be a normal vertebrae sticking out due to the curve of your neck.  I have a bone sticking out in the same place and had several MRIs of my neck after an injury years ago.  No one said anything about it and I've always assumed it was normal.  If you're concerned, you should ask, though--especially if you think it's new.  Since you say you're pregnant, your posture could be different and it could be sticking out because your back is swaying.
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i have widows hump, is there anyway to stop this from progressing further
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i think i have the exact same thing. If my hair is pulled up it looks like im hunched. The doctoe gave me 2 possibilities, 1 when your on a sterioud (like the birth control i take) it can cause a "camek hump" or somtimes a calcium build up. its very frustrating, and i have never been told if there was anything you could do to reverse it :(
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I have this too, did you ever find out what it was?  I'm only 19 but I can remember it as far back as 13 years old...if you can, email me back if you found anything :)
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hi again, it is michellaniousATgmailDOTcom
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Hi,  I just noticed a hump on the back of my daughters neck at the base.  It looks like she is sort of hunch back.  I plan to take her to the doctor this week.  she is only 12, very tall for her age and just a little over weight in her mid section.  she has not started her period yet but surely that doen't have anything to do with it. .I'm concerned.
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kharrison - I also first noticed my hump at the age of 12, it's feels like bone. I'm also tall and slightly overweight in my midsection. I've noticed it's gotten worse over the past few years (I'm now 22). If you see this and have gotten an answer from your daughter's doctor could you please let me know the outcome... I'm thinking of seeking medical advice because it has gotten worse...
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me too and my mum and brther we all slightly overweight I put it down to posture or could be hereditary.  When i hold my head up slightly more back that usual and squeeze my shoulder blades together sticking out chest it "disappears" that adds up to posture to me!  No skinnies have this unsightly lump.  Start exercising to correct posture - pilates is good hr23
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Welcome to the forum!
In your case the buffalo hump can be due to fat deposition due to over weight. You must look at various causes of obesity—rich diet, lack of exercise, adrenal gland problems, hypothyroid state, diabetes etc. Since more than one family member is involved, look up all the causes mentioned in the previous line.
A good nutrition specialist and fitness instructor and physiotherapist (for neck exercise) can help you get your body back on track.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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I just noticed i have the same thing. It feels like part of the bone on my neck is sticking out. Hard to explain, but I think you explained it pretty well. The only thing is, I've always been naturally thin. i don't know if it was just poor posture, because my weight was always healthy for my height. I'm concerned that it's going to get worse the older i get (in my mid 20's now) . . . It's definitely not buffalo hump neck, because it feels like bone (just as you said) . . . if you find any more info out, let me know!
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Hi i also have this strange bone at the base of my neck and always had my hair long to hide it, i am not sure if it is getting worse or if i am just getting more parranoid! Like you i am not overweight and am pretty sure that it is bone not fat? grateful of any more info on this matter!
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I want to echo something doctornee mentioned- get checked for adrenal problems.  Also, x-rays might show if you have bone structure issues.
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